Introducing the Lexus AWD-Thru

While a light flutter of snowflakes is enough to make most of the UK grind to a halt, our Canadian cousins have been showing us how it’s done at their Lexus AWD-Thru…

To test the capabilities of the Lexus AWD line-up, Lexus Canada elevated the traditional drive-thru experience to 2,644ft, creating an AWD-Thru at Le Massif Ski Resort in Quebec City.

The unique AWD-Thru restaurant invited Lexus owners and guests to choose from a number of delicious menu options and put the Lexus AWD (all-wheel drive) system through its paces on a dynamic snow and ice course while their meal was being prepared.

Guests experienced the thrill of a lifetime as they test drove an AWD Lexus through a wintery obstacle course and were treated to a unique luxury drive-thru experience upon completion. Hear what guests had to say about their experience with the power and performance of an AWD Lexus.

Lexus E-Four all-wheel-drive

In the UK, the Lexus NX and and RX Hybrids are available with E-Four all-wheel drive and uses an additional electric motor in the rear transaxle. This provides more grip and better vehicle control on slippery surfaces. The front axle is propelled by power from the hybrid petrol engine or electric motor, or both in combination.

E-Four works intelligently, varying the amount of drive torque to the rear wheels in line with driving dynamics and road conditions, to secure just the right level of stability when pulling away or accelerating in low-grip conditions. As operation is automatic, the driver doesn’t have to think about engaging AWD.

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