INTERSECT Tokyo: Home to the world’s coolest bathroom?

INTERSECT Tokyo lies between home and office, intended as a third space where creative minds can meet and share ideas. It isn’t just about cars; it’s a place to get in touch with the values, ethos and aesthetic of Lexus and the lifestyles it embodies without getting behind the wheel of a car.

Exquisite dining, inspired design, fine furniture, beautiful music and tranquil fragrance can all be found at INTERSECT BY LEXUS.

The Aoyama district is an area famed for its stylish architecture and, thanks to its striking façade, the building is in keeping with its contemporary surroundings. Designed by Masamichi Katayama, the founder of Wonderwall Inc., this wall is made up of hundreds of interlocking bamboo spindle grilles.

INTERSECT Tokyo: the ground floor

As you walk in, there is a casual café where you can enjoy a cup of Fuglen with breakfast.

This classic Norwegian brew is considered by many to be the best coffee in the world. Later in the evening, a range of refreshingly original cocktails is available to enjoy.

Beyond the café you will also find the Crafted for Lexus boutique. Exclusive to INTERSECT, this range of products showcases Lexus’s passion for Japanese craftsmanship and commitment to introducing it to the world.

Items include a bow tie crafted out of the same leather used in the Lexus LC coupe and innovative interior lighting inspired by the graceful swaying of rice in paddy fields.

On the second floor, some of the tools and materials used to craft many of these products are on display to view and interact with.


INTERSECT Tokyo: the second floor

The wall adjacent to the stairway on the second floor transforms a simple walk up the stairs into something significantly more interesting.


The pure white Parts Wall showcases the design and craftsmanship of Lexus components from Lexus models past and present, including the LFA supercar, IS saloon and RX SUV.

The cuisine in the second-floor Bistro is comfort food at its best. Its menu is changed every two weeks, using the best seasonal produce and ingredients available. The menu holder itself is adorned with the leather used in the LFA.


The Bistro is appointed with fine furniture from around the world and features a wide selection of books to peruse, covering topics including car culture, design, art and travel.


INTERSECT Tokyo: the basement

The basement features a wall of wood panels identical to those found in Lexus cars, along with a subtle forest fragrance. The Club Room is a collaborative space where workshops and meetings are held. It boasts leather seats and carbon fibre tables – the same materials used in the Lexus LFA. It also features Ryu Itadani’s painting which expresses the INTERSECT BY LEXUS concept.

Before you leave, make sure you pay a visit to the bathroom, which features an extraordinary wall lined with 1,700 carefully selected 1:43 scale diecast model cars. See if you can spot the miniature LFA signed by Toyota President Akio Toyoda.


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