Hotspot brings WiFi to your Lexus

Lexus has launched ‘Lexus Hotspot’, a high-end multi-media device that enables owners to access the internet and stream music wirelessly out on the road.

Up to five WiFi-enabled devices can be connected to the intuitive box at once, and getting online is straightforward – simply start the vehicle and pair your smartphone, tablet or laptop to the unit, using the WiFi settings. The system remembers devices after initial pairing, alleviating the need to do so every time you wish to get online.

Lexus Hotspot is equipped with a SIM card reader, with WiFi data provided via a SIM card; owners are free to choose their data limit and provider.

There is no interruption to service at high speeds as the Hotspot box is fitted with two 3G antennae. The system functions in some of the most extreme climates too, remaining effective at up to sixty-five above, and twenty degrees below freezing. A three-year warranty is provided for added piece of mind.

Lexus Hotspot is available as a dealer-fit accessory from Lexus dealers (dependent on availability) from £370 including fitting on the following models:

CT200h (2011 – Current)

IS Range (2013)

RX Range (2012 – Current)

NX Range (Current)

GS Range (Current)

RC Range (Current)


Fitment time is approximately one hour.

Read more about Lexus’ range of accessories here.



  1. Surely the global mobile companies will sponsor Lexus, as they will be the ones who will profit from this system

    1. Hi Steve
      Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in replying. We are checking this with our accessories team and will reply as soon as they have confirmed.

    1. Hi Sean,
      Lexus GB are in the process of developing next generation connected car solutions, that will enable our customers to stream media content, go online, connect with friends and family and interact with other Lexus systems like navigation, to improve the overall driving experience. Whilst still in development stages, we are hopeful that this product will be available to feature on all Lexus vehicles from May 2017. Thank you for your interest in Lexus genuine accessories. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi, How do I subscript to Lexus In Car Hotspot / wifi? My car is equip with it but I do not seem to able to use it qwithout subscription. Please can you help.

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