Akio Toyoda raises a glass to the first Lexus commercial

As part of our ongoing 30th anniversary celebrations, Lexus USA has revealed a humorous homage to its very first Lexus television commercial.

First aired in 1989, the award-winning Balance commercial highlighted the speed and ultimate refinement of the original Lexus LS 400. It achieved this by delicately balancing a five-row pyramid of champagne glasses on the bonnet before accelerating from standstill to 145mph on a rolling road.

And as the camera pulled back to reveal that the glasses were unmoved by the experience, the voice-over delivered the punchline: “The Lexus LS is designed to stir the soul… and not much else.”

The modern recreation pays homage to this advert by enlisting Toyota Motor Corporation president Akio Toyoda to build a similar tower on the bonnet of the latest fifth-generation Lexus LS. But as you will see, this time around there is a wobbly twist to the story…


Please note that only one champagne glass was harmed in the making of this commercial.

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