2012 Lexus LS: full details revealed

2012 Lexus LS

These are the first official pictures of the new 2012 Lexus LS, a car that promises to take its reputation for luxury, refinement and intelligent use of advanced technologies to new heights.

The new range – which includes the full hybrid LS 600h and marks the return of the V8-powered LS 460 – will reach showrooms before the end of 2012, offering customers more choices and higher quality than ever before.

2012 Lexus LS

There will be the added attraction of the first F Sport version of the LS, styled and tuned for customers who want a more involving driving experience.

The new LS is no simple facelift. Designers and engineers have made more than 3,000 changes, including a series of world-firsts, to produce a model that is worthy of its flagship status in every aspect.

The most obvious difference is in the styling. On the outside, you will notice the  LS gains its own version of Lexus’s trademark spindle-shaped grille as part of a strong new front-end treatment. You may spot the lights have changed, too. The LS 600h is the first car in the world to use LEDs for all its exterior lights, including the headlights and distinctive L-shaped single-tube daytime running lights.

Overall the LS has a more rigid body shell, thanks in part to advanced new welding and panel joining techniques on the production line. The result is a more comfortable ride, with no loss of handling agility.

Extensive new sound insulation measures have been introduced throughout the car so that it can rightly lay claim to being one of the quietest cars you can buy today. Customers can even specify a new type of alloy wheel with a hollow chamber design that helps cut road noise.

In the cabin, there’s a new dashboard design that rationalises controls and instruments in distinct zones, including the market’s-largest 12.3-inch multimedia screen, first seen in the new Lexus GS. More sophisticated climate control, sequenced LED lighting in different tones and brightness levels, more comfortable and supportive seats and an even more sophisticated on-board entertainment system – complete with Blu-Ray player feature in the want-for-nothing specification list.

2012 Lexus LS

Lexus was first on the market with its advanced Pre-Crash Safety system and with the new LS, it has taken the technology even further with a collision avoidance function that increases the driver’s chances of avoiding an accident. The Lane Keep Assist has been fine-tuned as well, so that it can counter the effects of crosswinds and changing road cambers.

The steering has been adjusted for better response and feedback and the brakes are more powerful, too, with new Brembo front callipers part of the F Sport package. Even the shape, surface and action of the brake pedal have been scrutinised to improve performance and ease of use.

On the rear-wheel drive LS 460 there is a new Torsen limited-slip differential, and new paddle-shift controls that pleasingly blip the throttle when the driver makes manual downshifts on the eight-speed auto transmission.

The all-wheel drive full hybrid LS 600h remains the most powerful luxury hybrid on the market, its Lexus Hybrid Drive system further refined to achieve a nine per cent drop in CO2 emissions.

2012 Lexus LS

Drivers can adjust vehicle settings to suit their preference through five new drive modes: Eco, Comfort, Normal, Sport S and Sport S+. All it takes is a simple control adjustment on the centre console to set the car up for the desired balance of economy, comfort, performance and handling.

In 1983 Lexus executives were challenged to create “the best luxury car in the world”. Six years later the ground-breaking LS400 rewrote the luxury rule book and since its debut, each LS generation has set new benchmarks for refinement and performance. The new 2012 Lexus LS looks set to sustain this impressive tradition.

All information was correct at the time of publishing.


  1. My 21 year old LS400 is probably due for replacement, but the bank manager computer says NO to the prospect of buying the latest LS. So unless we can come to some arrangement whereby you loan me one to test drive for the rest of my life, it must remain a marvellous fantasy

  2. car looks just the job. Having had three Lexus cars and been very pleased with them I consider them the best car. Unfortunately the dealers want to much out of the deal . They want top price for the new car. And to give very little for the one they take in. When you follow. Your old car through the system you find they have made a tremendous profit on it I will keep my ls 460 until it falls apart before I will be ripped off for a third time

    1. Hi J.w.dungworth,
      Thank you for commenting on our post. We are sorry you feel that way about your Dealer experience. If you’d like to, please feel free to contact our Customer Relations team who’ll look into any concerns you may have. Their contact details are here: http://ow.ly/d2eNt.
      We are glad you like the look of the new LS and that you’ve had many Lexus models yourself! We are delighted to hear you speak of Lexus cars so highly, thank you.
      Kind regards.

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