Student designs Lexus LF-LA supercar concept

Introducing the Lexus LF-LA concept car. Stay calm people; it’s not one of ours. This striking concept has been created by design student Yang Sun from Pasadena, California.

With looks which may have been inspired by our Lexus LC and LFA, this stunning concept certainly made us sit up and take notice.

“I created this concept when I moved to Los Angeles, that’s why I named this car LF-LA,” Yan Sun told us.

“I got the inspiration from the shells when I went to the seaside, which makes me want to create a concept based on those beautiful forms.

“Since Lexus is my favorite brand, and I am trying to be a car designer, I decided to combine the brand identity and natural form together, and see what can I get from it. Creatures in the sea are amazing; their forms are perfect inspiration for transportation design.

“I used a layered design language to give it a more futuristic look without breaking up the continuity in proportion. I am pretty happy about the result, and I am still working to add more details to it.”

Follow Yang Sun’s thought process and admire the final design here. What do you think?


1b142335551819f683ff35551819cfca3935551819ba4a9a35551819 Lexus LF-LA

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