Lexus NX floats a novel idea

The latest TV advert from Lexus Japan sees the sharp-suited NX take the route less travelled – through the skies. So we can legitimately say that this daring concept was, er… successfully floated.

NX floating ad 02

The 30-second commercial begins innocuously enough, until the authentic-looking NX 300h suddenly rises from its parking space and floats off into the distance.

A chase sequence then begins from ground level, with a second NX hybrid dashing nimbly through a city district to keep up with the Lexus drone in the skies.

NX floating ad 03

We know from early on that a young lad is sat in the back of the car helping to direct the driver. But it is left to the end to reveal that person’s identity as a hipster granny.

And you thought the advert couldn’t get any more surreal…

NX floating ad 01

See what you think of the new commercial by watching the short video below.

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