Lexus LC 500 Convertible makes its global debut

The new Lexus LC 500 Convertible has made its world premiere in Los Angeles, USA, a few days ahead of its public debut at the city’s annual motor show.

With its exterior styling based on the Lexus LC coupe, the new LC 500 Convertible artfully interprets the coupe’s roofline to create a distinctive and sporty silhouette. The rear bodywork has been raised and widened to produce a dynamic-looking side view that emphasises the car’s low and wide stance.

Powered by a 5.0-litre V8 engine, and featuring Lexus 10-speed direct shift automatic transmission, the LC500 Convertible promises the same exhilarating performance driving concept as the coupe, offering a sense of unity between driver, car and environment that will stimulate the senses and increase appreciation of how Lexus is continuing to evolve as a luxury lifestyle brand.

Under the skin, additional engineering work delivers strength and a rigid chassis while retaining the coupe’s excellent aerodynamics and optimal weight distribution.

Customers in the UK wishing to pre-order a new Lexus LC 500 Convertible will be able to do so in December via the official Lexus UK website. Deliveries are set to begin from September 2020.

Lexus LC 500 Convertible: unique features

The LC’s electrically-powered convertible soft-top itself has a four-layer construction, with the fabric specially selected to ensure optimal, wrinkle-free tension and excellent sound insulation. Even the underlying framework has been engineered in such a way that its existence cannot be discerned through the fabric.

The soft-top artfully interprets the coupe roofline to create a distinctive silhouette

The opening and closing action of the folding soft-top is also carefully controlled, especially at the start and finish, to convey a sense of quality and safety. It articulates with class-leading speed (15 seconds to open and 16 seconds to close), and can be operated while the car is in motion, at speeds up to 31mph. An animated display in the instrument binnacle allows the driver to monitor its progress.

The LC 500 Convertible is designed to look sensational with the roof down, with the automatic folding mechanism storing the top beneath an integrated tonneau cover. Notice, too, how the beltline kicks up behind the doors to then wrap around the cabin and create a tight, clean profile.

Different colour choices will be available for the exterior, soft-top and interior to match the diverse tastes and lifestyles of LC customers.

Interior details include a pattern of graduated quilting and perforations on the upper sections of the seats and the Lexus “L” emblem embossed on the headrests.

Lexus LC 500 Convertible: driving performance

The new body structure of the LC 500 Convertible achieves a level of rigidity that ensures the same signature driving quality as the coupe. Key to this has been the optimal shaping and location of the rear strut brace, which is fabricated from lightweight die-cast aluminium to minimise added weight. Additional under-body bracing is also strategically applied to ensure that the body’s rigidity and therefore the car’s performance is faithful to the driver’s intentions.

The naturally aspirated V8 engine is mated to our ten-speed direct shift automatic transmission for linear yet invigorating acceleration. But to make driving even more enjoyable with the top down, the LC 500 Convertible is fitted with a sound generator that transmits induction roar through the dashboard, while an exhaust valve is used to enhance the powerful engine note coming from the rear.

Lexus LC 500 Convertible: thoughtful cabin design

Lexus has managed to preserve the special feel of open-air driving while maintaining a calm, conversation-friendly cabin environment. First, we focused on honing the body’s aerodynamic quality, especially around the belt line and rear moulding, and then employing a transparent polycarbonate wind deflector to manage wind flow.

Sound management is the second key factor. The LC 500 Convertible is equipped with an Active Noise Control system and also uses effective sound insulation and absorption measures to suppress unwanted noise and filter out unpleasant sound frequencies. In a related measure, the audio system is programmed to alter its acoustic quality when the top is down so that listening quality is maintained.

Similarly, the Climate Concierge system also adapts heating and ventilation performance according to whether the roof is raised or lowered. It automatically controls the air conditioning, seat heaters, neck heaters and steering wheel heater to ensure comfort for everyone on board, regardless of the temperature outside.

The Lexus LC Convertible will be will be on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show from 22 November to 1 December 2019.

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