Lexus CT 200h: The most aerodynamic car in its class

As the official launch of the CT 200h draws closer, we’ve been able to reveal some of the key features that prospective owners can expect – from dynamic road handling to hybrid drive moods. Now we can divulge more secrets from the development of the first Lexus compact hatchback.

To maximise the efficiency of the full hybrid powertrain, Lexus has engineered every detail of the CT 200h’s body to be as aerodynamic as possible. By using extensive computer aided design and wind tunnel testing, the CT 200h has a drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.28, the best in the compact luxury car class.

The deep front bumper, sharply sculpted front air dam and bumper corner angles have been optimised to smooth the flow of air over the vehicle.

The priority hasn’t just been aerodynamics, though. The CT 200h is still unmistakably a Lexus from every angle. Even the door mirrors are styled like those of the ultra-exclusive LFA supercar.

Increased fuel efficiency isn’t the only benefit of smooth airflow. Ride quality, comfort and stability are also improved, ensuring that the CT 200h challenges the current class leaders in every respect when it goes on sale in the UK early in 2011.

We won’t have to wait until then to see the final production-ready CT 200h – the new Lexus full hybrid will be unveiled at the Paris motor show on 30 September.


  1. Hi Mellisa,
    I know I must be patient, but these “teasers” are so frustating! Can’t wait until launch on 30th September for full spec. Family will be pleased as well, due to restricted movement, I have had to test them in both the GS range, overall hight of 1430 is the same, to see if they can get in & out OK, also the IS because the rear door is of a simmilar configuration. Not particularly satisfactory but enough to be able to my deposit down for first delivery. Just hope that the time between proposed launch and acctual date is not as long as it was for the 3G Prius. (Which I must say is a fantastic car)

  2. Hi, Never mind the London(Harrods) people, we in Yorkshire are all waiting to see the CT200H, with our fingers tightly wrapped around our money, ready to purchace this quality car.

    I will look forward to the test drive with your very helpfull Hull sales team.



    1. Hi Colin,

      Thanks for your interest in the CT 200h. We do appreciate that not everyone can make a trip down to Harrods. We will be touring with the car at some stage early next year – final dates and venues to be confirmed.

      Be sure to keep checking the blog for full details of the tour and we hope that one of these locations will be more convenient for you.

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