Lexus CT 200h review: what the press say

Earlier this year, the Lexus CT 200h premium hatchback benefitted from a comprehensive programme of revisions. In total, 94 changes were made to the car, to ensure it’s sharper looking, more fuel efficient and has a more compliant ride and sportier driving experience. Here’s a round-up of the British motoring press’ thoughts on the refreshed model.

Auto Express

“Rather than simply grafting on the new family face, Lexus has listened closely to its customers’ comments and applied a raft of smart changes to the hybrid hatchback.”

“(Inside) A wafer-thin 4.2-inch screen looks fantastic, and with the navigation system (standard-fit on the Advance-spec car) you get a new BMW-style rotary dial, rather than the fiddly mouse controller. A new gear selector and steering wheel taken from the Lexus IS ensure the cabin feel is right up there with that of the class leaders.”

“Quality, refinement and ride are all improved, while the styling is fresher all round. Sub-100g/km emissions ensure it costs pennies to run for business users and Lexus has sweetened the private-buy deal, too – slashing up to £1,500 from the old model’s price.”


“…from a business users point of view, Lexus has managed to lower both the CO2 emissions and the car’s price tag. In base S grade spec (with 15-inch wheels) the CT200h is now £1000 cheaper and 5g/km cleaner at 82g/km CO2 – making it 4 per cent cheaper than most of its diesel-engined rivals on the all-important BIK banding. 

“As a premium fleet option, it would be foolish not to at least consider it. “

The Telegraph

“The cabin presents a crisper face to the driver and the trim and build quality are excellent, although the graphics and layout are unchanged.”

“It’s funny explaining Lexus Hybrid Drive to a first-timer. There’s the twin-motor system and the petrol engine all driving the car through an epicyclic transmission, plus the nickel-metal hydride battery and the way it charges when you lift off the throttle.”

The publication added: “It’s complicated and quite brilliant under the surface, but simplicity itself once you’re familiar with it.”

“Body roll is well contained and the chassis is reasonably balanced without an overwhelming tendency towards nose-on understeer.”

Fleet World 

“The CT 200h makes good sense for fleets and a little of its siblings’ aggressive new styling has made it a better looking car. Despite small niggles, this remains a strong proposition for the premium-brand customer wanting something different.”

Read our detailed review of CT 200h here. You can configure an CT 200h by visiting the designated section of the Lexus UK website. If you’d like to try the car for yourself, leave a comment and we’ll be in touch.


  1. The 2014 car has grown up, ride is better, cabin has a more mature look about it although dials and switches are fundamentally the same. The big difference though is the transmission, more like an automatic now with the feel that it is always in the right gear. Fuel consumption for the first 600 miles is hovering around the 58mpg mark.

    Early days yet but a vast improvement over my first CT

    1. Thanks Garth, and we do appreciate your feedback regarding the revised CT, particularly as you owned the previous model. We do pass this information back to the product team, not to only to help shape future product, but it also helps confirm the improvements we have introduced. MPG does of course improve with mileage but thanks again for your feedback and enjoy your new CT.

  2. Have owned my ct200h for just 3 weeks so hardly an in depth evaluation, but as a vehicle for going from A to B it is very good. I have no gripes over performance, ride or economy. Once I modified my driving style it began to fit like glove. The build quality is excellent & the dealer service also. However someone at Lexus needs to get control of the sat/nav and media centre design. It is quite frankly incomprehensible and in rural areas such as Herefordshire the guidance is potentially dangerous leading my wife into a narrow dead end lane just 8 miles from home! She had to follow a cyclist to her destination – a large village which is not in the database. Even after returning to the dealer I am still unable to port my contacts from my Samsung Galaxy. In desperation I have resumed use of my cheap Garmin which gives speed warnings and a readable ETA. I suppose I will have to enter my phone contacts by hand. This really is good enough (and not ‘fit for purpose’). It is really a pity that a beautiful ship is almost ruined for the want of hap’th of tar.

    1. Hi Jim
      Thanks for your post.
      We appreciate your feedback regarding ownership of your CT 200h. We do pass back these comments back to our Lexus product team as this does help to improve our line-up for the future. We were sorry to learn of your wife’s experience and your Lexus centre would be happy to check your car for you if you are concerned with any aspect of your satnav performance. They can also check phone compatibility and help with any specification settings on your system. Let us know how you get on but if you do have further problems please let us know.

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