Lexus car safety: monitoring systems

Lexus develops its vehicles and technology under the umbrella of Toyota Motor Corporation’s (TMC) ‘Integrated Safety Management Concept’, one part of a three-pronged approach which involves continual improvement in vehicle safety as well as initiatives to improve driver and pedestrian awareness and to create a safe traffic environment.

TMC’s eventual aim is to realise a society where traffic accidents are a thing of the past, which is why decades of research into safety technologies have resulted in Lexus cars receiving consistently high results in Euro NCAP crash safety tests, with the CT and IS achieving the maximum five-star award.

In this post, we take a look at Lexus’ various monitoring systems that keep a close eye on the surroundings when you are parking and driving:

Parking sensors
Rear-View Camera
Blind Spot Monitor (BSM)
Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
Lane Keep Assist (LKA)
Driver Monitoring System

Lexus car safety monitoring systems Parking Sensors

Parking sensors
To ease parking the vehicle, Lexus equips all its models with ultrasonic parking sensors that use sound waves to detect obstacles, indicating the proximity of the obstacle by means of a beeping alarm. This system can help to prevent low-speed impacts when parking, avoiding potentially costly repairs.
All Lexus cars (except CT 200h ‘S’ models) can be bought with parking sensors, fitted as part of the standard equipment in the majority of cases. Dependent on specification, sensors may be fitted to the rear or both front and rear.

Rear-View Camera
As well as parking sensors, Lexus also utilises Toyota Motor Corporation-developed rear-view cameras to a number of models. The view from the camera is displayed on the in-dash display, overlaid with guidance lines that indicate distance. This system aids parking and prevents collisions with unseen objects behind the vehicle.
All Lexus vehicles can be specified with a rear-view camera.
Lexus car safety monitoring systems Blind Spot Monitor

Blind Spot Monitor (BSM)
Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) is one of Lexus’ latest safety monitoring systems, using radar sensors to constantly observe the area in the driver’s blind spot for the presence of other vehicles. If the turn indicator is activated, BSM warns the driver by activating an indicator in the door mirror on the appropriate side of the vehicle.

The Blind Spot Monitor system is currently available on Premier grade IS models, as well as the Lexus GS, RX 450h and new Lexus NX luxury crossover.

Lexus car safety monitoring systems Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)
Using the same sensors as Blind Spot Monitor, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) system warns the driver of unseen vehicles approaching from either side that aren’t visible through the rear screen or mirrors, such as when reversing out of a parking space. If a vehicle is detected, RCTA sounds a warning and flashes the warning lights in the door mirrors.
Like Blind Spot Monitor, the RCTA system is available on Premier grade IS models, the Lexus GSRX 450h and new Lexus NX luxury crossover.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) adds an extra layer of safety to conventional cruise control, the system by which a car drives at a constant speed set by the driver. First used in 1997, Lexus added a radar-monitoring system to the cruise control system to create Adaptive Cruise Control which can alter your car’s speed based on the speed of vehicles travelling ahead. When a slower-moving vehicle is detected, ACC automatically reduces your car’s speed (activating the brakes if necessary) to maintain a safe distance between the two vehicles. If the vehicle in front turns off or speeds up, then ACC will accelerate your car up to its previous cruising speed.

Adaptive Cruise Control is available on most Lexus models, either fitted as standard or as an optional upgrade.

Lexus Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
Lane Departure Warning (LDW) as been part of Lexus’ line up of safety technologies since 2002. The system uses two cameras mounted behind the rear-view mirror to continually monitor vehicle position in relation to road lane markings. If it detects that the car is drifting out of its lane, LDW triggers an audible and visual warning for the driver to take corrective action.

Lane Departure Warning is fitted as an optional upgrade on IS, GS and LS models.

Lane Keep Assist (LKA)
Lane Keep Assist (LKA) was introduced in 2004 as an extension of the Lane Departure Warning system. The LKA system activates if it detects that the driver isn’t responding to the lane departure warnings, and will actually apply corrective steering without driver input to maintain a safe course.

Like Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keep Assist is an optional upgrade on ISGS and LS models.

Lexus Driver Monitoring System

Driver Monitoring System
A technology used as part of the Advanced Pre-Crash Safety (A-PCS) system, the Driver Monitoring System constantly monitors the movement of the driver’s head and eyes to detect if the driver is not watching the road ahead. If the system detects that the driver’s head has turned to the side for a few seconds or that their eyes are closed, the Driver Monitoring System will automatically bring forward the pre-crash alarm. If the situation persists, the system will briefly apply the brakes, and if there is no immediate action from the driver, all A-PCS systems will in an attempt to avoid an accident.

Lexus’ Driver Monitoring System is integrated into the Advanced Pre-Crash Safety System available on the Lexus GS 450h and LS 600h L.

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By Andrew Biddle


  1. Sir, is there a suitable rear parking camera/screen suitable for retrofit
    for my 2005 Lexus IS 200 auto salon and could the navigation screen be utilised at all?
    Any assistance welcomed!
    Thank you Richard

    Please do not publish E Mail address Thank you

    1. Hi Richard
      Thanks for your post. (Do not worry email addressed is never published however we have removed your contact number from your post so this is not in public domain).
      Not a positive response here unfortunately as the rear reversing cameras in all Lexus models has always been a factory fit item. This means we will not have supplied kits for example that could be fitted retrospectively by our dealer network. You are correct though in that the view from the rear camera would be displayed through the sat nav screen. Sorry that this does not help much with your query and we cannot really comment regarding any aftermarket accessory kit as we will not have tested these on our cars. Hope this does help clarify though and let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. Hi,

    I have gota Lexus GS 450h 2006 147000 miles and the moment it start the car and reach the speed of 18¬20 “CHECK PCS SYSTEM LIGHT” comes on the dash

    I have tried to clan the sensor behind the front grille but still no luck.

    Can u please help what items need check that come under Pre collision crash system. Also today I checked left side headlight was not working can it be the cause the warning light “CHECK PCS System”



    1. Hi Mazi. We’re unable to diagnose system messages over the internet. The best, and safest, option will be for you to visit your local Lexus dealer, who will be happy to take a look at the issue for you. Sorry we can’t be of more help.

  3. My vehicle has built in camera offering video stream for reversing and 360 degree view around my vehicle. this is a built in system. can I take a feed from this so it constantly recorded on third-party devices?

    My vehicle is a 2016 Lexus RX450h

    1. Hi JB,
      After speaking with our Lexus technical team, we can advise that the feed cannot be tapped into for recording purposes. Hope this helps and please do get in touch if you have any more questions.

  4. Hi there
    I have a 2017 NX300h luxury. It is equipped with park assist sensors. Is it possible please to get it fitted with blind spot monitoring ?

  5. hi I have a 2016 320h RX . On the front bumper there is 2 round discs (parking sensor). I have park assist on the rear but they do not show up on the front. Are the ones on the front blanks ??

    1. Hello Paul,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Could you please provide your UK registration?

  6. Edit cause entering wrong model
    Rx 450h!!!

    I am thinking to buy a lexus rx450h (2018). It hasn’t any parking sensors. It has rear-view camera and left side view camera.
    Is it a minor or major disadvantage that it hasn’t any parking sensors?
    Is it possible to add parking sensors in the future ?
    Is better and possible instead of parking sensors to add more cameras?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello Charles,
      We would recommend contacting your Lexus Centre to see what options are available to add to this model.

  7. Is there any reason as to whay both my front and rear parking sensors have stop working? My car is an NX450h+ 2022 model

    1. Hello Neil, thanks for your comment.

      We would recommend visiting your Lexus Centre so that they can inspect this issue.


  8. Hi! I have 2018 RX 300 F sport, is this model equipped with touchless sensor to open the rear trunk?
    It is not equipped with kick sensor, can I add it to open the rear trunk?

    1. Hello Leon, thanks for your question.

      Please provide a Vehicle Registration so that we can look into this.


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