Lexus Awards 2022: Best for After Sales Service

After a strong 2021 in which Lexus UK achieved an impressive 10 accolades, how many awards can the brand collect in 2022? We will keep this page updated with each new award win throughout the calendar year, so watch this space…

Lexus retains top spot for after sales service in Auto Express Driver Power survey

Lexus centres have again been named the best for after sales service in Auto Express’s Driver Power survey of Britain’s franchised dealerships.

Lexus achieved the highest overall rating in the “service” category of the survey, based on the opinions and real-world experiences of the thousands of UK motorists.

With consistently high scores for facilities, the courtesy of staff and the quality of communications and workmanship, the brand gained a 93.05 per cent result. This in turn helped secure it second place overall in the Best Car Dealers ranking, repeating its 2021 success. Lexus has never ranked lower than second in the survey in the past six years, its record including a run of four consecutive top placings.

Reporting the results, Auto Express said: “Lexus’s service centres shone brightest of all. Owners love the facilities and are treated courteously by staff, who are also great communicators and can be proud of their workmanship.” It highlighted the fact that “incredibly” only 2.9 per cent of owners said they had had an after sales-related complaint.

Chris Hayes, Director of Lexus in the UK, commented: “Delivering the best possible customer service is absolutely central to our Lexus principles. It’s thanks to the commitment and hard work invested by the amazing team in our network that we continue to improve and maintain our leading status.”

Lexus NX wins best mid-size premium SUV title in the Auto Express New Car Awards

The all-new Lexus NX has been honoured as the best mid-size premium SUV in the 2022 Auto Express New Car Awards. It emerged the winner from a highly competitive market segment by impressing the judges with its all-round capabilities – particularly the quality of the plug-in hybrid electric version, the NX 450h+.

Steve Fowler, Auto Express Editor in Chief, said: “Lexus has really pushed the NX’s ability, underpinned by the versatile GA-K platform that delivers what premium buyers want on many fronts – and overtaking many of its premium German competitors in the process.”

Drawing attention to Lexus’s “decades” of experience in electrified powertrain technology, he remarked on the model’s EV driving range (up to 47 miles) and its “supreme refinement”.

Auto Trader hails Lexus as Most Reliable Brand

The stand-out success of the early summer came at the Auto Trader New Car Awards in London, where the famous automotive media company hailed Lexus as Most Reliable Brand for 2022.

One of the most significant and pleasing aspects of Auto Trader’s annual awards is that the accolades are voted on by more than 156,500 car buyers, meaning that real owners are making the decisions.

Explaining the Most Reliable Brand win, Auto Trader stated: “From the very beginning Lexus was created as the ultimate in both quality and reliability, created as a luxurious twist on Toyota’s existing reputation for engineering excellence. To this day it’s something owners clearly appreciate”.

Read Auto Trader’s full story by clicking here.

Lexus Wins Third Successive What Car? Reliability Award 

Lexus has received the What Car? Reliability Award for a third year in succession, acknowledging its continued success in the magazine’s annual Reliability Survey. 

The results of the 2021 survey of more than 16,000 UK drivers produced an overall rating of 98.7 per cent for Lexus, with What Car? reporting that, in the few instances where problems with a Lexus car occurred, most were resolved free of charge. 

Steve Huntingford, What Car? Editor, remarked on Lexus’s history of success in the award: “If you’re a gambler after a safe bet, putting your money on Lexus finishing first in the annual What Car? Reliability Survey is about as good as it gets. The luxury brand not only topped the table in 2021, but has done so on four previous occasions and has never finished lower than second. If iron-clad reliability is your top concern, look no further.” 

What Car?  honours the all-new Lexus NX 450h+ as its Plug-in Hybrid of the Year 

The Lexus NX 450h+ has been named the Plug-in Hybrid of the Year in the prestigious What Car? awards.  It is an auspicious first honour for the all-new mid-size premium SUV, Lexus’s first plug-in hybrid electric model, introduced in late 2021. 

Steve Huntingford, What Car? Editor, expressed warm praise for the Lexus: “The Lexus NX is one of the most compelling reasons to go green that we’ve yet seen, with a long electric-only range which should not only slash motorists running costs, but also makes for tempting company car tax rates. The NX is good to drive, too, and has an interior that’s hard to fault in any respect. In short, Lexus has proved that driving an electrified car without accepting compromises need not be a fantasy.” .  

Lexus Awards 2022: LC 500 convertible honoured as the Best High-end Convertible by What Car?

Lexus Awards 2022

What Car?  has recognised the Lexus LC 500 Convertible with the award for the Best High-end Convertible, “an unspeakably desirable” car.

Steve Huntingford, What Car? Editor, said: :”The LC 500’s V8 is an aural delight whether you’re revving it out on the open road or bumbling around town. Moreover, when the roof is in place and you’re cruising at speed, the LC is much better at shutting out wind noise than its rivals. Add in concept car looks and beautiful interior that feels like it’s been built to outlast the Earth and you have an unspeakably desirable package.” 


  1. Agreed on all points. One will be hard pushed to find a brand that scores highly as Lexus on reliability, comfort and luxury. But it will be nice to hear the testimonies of some of those 16,000 customers (I suppose they are UK customers) on Lexus NX brand since no customer delivery in UK. We love the awards, so let them keep coming but we also love to drive the car for goodness sake. So, please get your acts together and shift the orders to customer delivery. Don’t tell us about global pandemic and chips problems as from lexus records, more than a million cars were built by lexus between October 2021 and January 2022, yet no single NX to us UK customers. Can you promise that UK orders will take priority over the next few months?

    1. Hello Justin,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused.
      Please be assured that our focus remains on doing everything we can to deliver our cars as quickly as possible and making sure that you have the most up to date information.

  2. I find a lot of your marketing very confusing and hence off putting in trying to choose a new Lexus – I have 2 Lexus cars at the moment.
    Summaries to help the end user would be of great assistance e.g.
    I am trying to find a Lexus car that is electric and can revert to petrol should the charge run out – do you offer such a car and in what models please? Also what is the range with electric and then when if it reverts to petrol?
    And if its just an electric car – what is the range and what models are offered please?

    1. Hello Rahul,
      Thanks for your comment.
      It sounds like what you are after is a plug-in hybrid.
      Currently, we offer the NX 450h+. You can view this here –
      This has an EV driving range of in excess of 40 miles.
      After this, the vehicle will revert back to a regular hybrid.
      We hope this helps, please let us know if you have any further questions.

  3. I am seriously considering ordering a new LEXUS LC500 Convertible but have been told for UK there is a 12 month delivery time which is unacceptable. Can this be improved?

    1. Hello Philip,
      Thank you for your interest in the LC Convertible.
      Like many other businesses in the automotive industry, Lexus is currently experiencing delays in the global supply chain for some of our components and this has unfortunately led to longer delivery times on some of our new vehicles.
      Please be assured that our focus remains on doing everything we can to deliver our cars as quickly as possible.
      If we can assist you further at this time, please do not hesitate to let us know.

  4. Hi i would like an electric car /hybrid love the NX hybrid but i live in a rural village house is listed so i wont be able to put a charging box on the house – how long does it take to fully charge and what charging points do you have? i live 5 miles from banbury – it may be that it is not a viable option for me but it depends how easily /close i could get a charge how long it takes to charge and what the cost is to charge as well as how many miles you get from fully charged? Thanks Paula

  5. I’m looking for a comfortable, reliable and efficient electric/hybrid luxury car. The lexus NX looks tempting. But I’d like to know few things about the car please. (1) how long does the battery last on a full charge? (2) how much does it cost to fully charge it.

  6. Yes, I empathise with Phillip Stone’s comments. I went into the Leeds dealers yesterday and said that the 450+Premium Pack model I want to buy will not be able to be delivered until 14 months time – I did not order it!

    1. Hello Mr Davies, I too went to Leeds. I drove in with my Audi A8L but was met by a salesperson who asked rudely I’ve ever driven or been in a Lexus as i hadn’t a clue about its touchscreen features. So I ordered one, full cash no finance, from Wolverhampton Lexus. Apparently it’s coming in September 2022, I’ve added the car onto my Lexus Link app along with my other 4 other cars.

      1. Hi Tariq,

        We’re disappointed to read that you were treated in this way, but appreciate that you gave another centre a chance.

        Thanks for your support. We wish you many happy miles.


  7. My nx450h+ was delivered on 17/2/22 but my wall charger did not get fitted until 6/4/22 happy days !looking forward to test driving the new all electric RZ

    1. Hello Dave,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      Congratulations on your new NX 450h+.
      If there is anything else we can do to help, please let us know.

    1. Hello Gavin,
      Thanks for your question.
      Unfortunately, the new NX 350h does not come with this equipment.
      However, this model has run flat tyres.

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