Lexus Apple CarPlay and Android Auto upgrade

Lexus Apple CarPlay

Lexus is pleased to announce that owners of compatible UX, NX and ES models now have the possibility of an upgrade to their vehicle’s multimedia system to include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration*.

Compatible vehicles for the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto upgrade:

  • Lexus UX models produced from January 2019 to September 2019
  • Lexus NX models produced from September 2018 to September 2019
  • Lexus ES models produced from October 2018 to September 2019
Lexus Apple CarPlay

This Apple CarPlay and Android Auto upgrade allows owners to access the services included in their mobile phone on the multimedia display screen and action them through voice activation or by manually prompting through the steering wheel controls or touchscreen itself. In this way they will be able to safely enjoy applications such as Google Maps, Spotify, Amazon Music, WhatsApp and Waze without the need to directly interact with their mobile phone.

The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto upgrade for compatible vehicles will be carried out by appointment at your local Lexus centre. Lexus recommends that owners arrange to have the upgrade installed during a scheduled service.

For more information on software upgrade pricing and to confirm vehicle compatibility, please contact your local Lexus centre.

*Lexus has installed its enhanced multimedia system as standard equipment across all vehicles since the 2020 model year. Depending on vehicle and specification, this means that most Lexus models with this system will feature Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality.


    1. Hello Graham,
      Thank you for contacting Lexus.
      Your ES300h is compatible for the Apple CarPlay upgrade.
      Please contact your nearest Lexus Centre to book this in.

      1. Hello Nader, thanks for your comment.

        Your vehicle is not compatible with the Apple CarPlay system so a retrofit is not possible.


    1. Hello Don,
      Lexus NX models produced from September 2018 to September 2019.
      As your NX was produced in December 2017, it cannot have Android Auto retrofitted.

      1. Very disappointing that 2018-2019 flagship RX don’t have and can not be upstaged to applecarplay. Some few years older much cheaper segment have this

  1. If I upgrade my April 2019 NX to Apple Carplay will it enable me to programme navigation without having to use the trackpad which I find to be anything but user friendly.

    1. Hello George,
      As this is a software upgrade and not a hardware upgrade, you will still need to use the trackpad.

      1. Here is my VIN no JTJBARBZ5L2220584. I’m in UAE, local Lexus agent has no clue about this. Don’t have a clue on where else to reach out. thanks

        1. Hello Nassif, thanks for your comment.

          We are not able to advise on non UK vehicles and cannot provide any information as to the offerings of other Lexus Centres.

          Sorry for any dissapointment,


  2. Hi,
    Can I upgrade my lexus is300 2018 screen. Current screen size 7 inch. I m looking for premium screen which is wide? How much will cost.

    1. Hello Adil,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately, your IS300’s screen cannot be upgraded to be compatible with Apple CarPlay.
      We would recommend contacting your nearest Lexus Centre to see what other options are available.

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