Head of Lexus Europe discusses new RC models

‘The brand new RC F is equipped with the most powerful V8 engine that Lexus has ever built, wrapped in a stunning body. A car capable of seducing even the most critical of audiences.

‘The RC F brings the Lexus promise of ‘Amazing in Motion’ to life through its intelligent and sophisticated design, and advanced engineering for an engaging driving experience.

‘What makes the RC F fun to drive? Power, instant response, agility, powerful brakes, an exciting exhaust note and much more…

‘The engine of the RC F breaks new grounds in combining performance and efficiency at previously unseen levels. When cruising at normal speed it delivers excellent fuel economy by adopting the Atkinson cycle, the same combustion cycle we use in our super-efficient hybrid drivetrains.

‘But it also delivers immediate response. By switching to the conventional Otto cycle for maximum power it provides the same instant torque as our LFA supercar. You can be sure, this will put a big smile on the face of every driver.

‘Our new V8 engine delivers more than 450bhp, more than 380 lb/ft of torque, and is coupled to a uniquely calibrated eight-speed transmission with direct shift. The RC F also features a Torque Vectoring Differential, which distributes the appropriate amount of drive power to each rear wheel for excellent handling response in corners.

‘To increase downforce and improve grip, the RC F features an active rear wing and the bonnet includes a functional vent to decrease aerodynamic lift.

‘Meanwhile, the cockpit of the RC F uses advanced technologies to support the driver. The meters, for instance, are inserted in a large display similar to those in recent aircraft designs, and the contents of the display change according to the information needed at any moment.

‘We will deliver the first examples of the RC F to eager enthusiasts in the fourth quarter of this year.

‘But while the RC F is the highest performance version, the regular RC will be available with a choice of two powertrains: RC 350 with a V6 petrol engine, and RC 300h with a 2.5-litre full hybrid system – the first time a hybrid powertrain will be available in a coupe body style in Europe.

‘Today, we are pleased to show for the first time the F Sport version of the RC, featuring dynamic upgrades and an even bolder design, inspired by the RC F.’

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