Chris Labrooy: designer visualises UX 300e ownership

How do you communicate the experience of driving and owning a new, all-electric Lexus UX 300e to an audience that has not yet sat behind the wheel? This was the creative challenge Lexus presented to celebrated British visual designer visual designer Chris Labrooy.

We felt that Chris’s aesthetic flair and understanding of the automotive industry put him in the ideal position to bring the UX to life using strikingly bold visuals and in a relatable setting.

Chris Labrooy

Chris fulfilled the brief by creating a fascinating virtual home environment that showcases unique design objects inspired by actual components of our new electric crossover.

“Building these [visuals] for Lexus was an exciting prospect,” commented Chris. “I was able to draw on a wealth of iconic materials and textures from the UX 300e to help craft a suite of highly futuristic objects. Doing this project has left me with an even greater appreciation of the detail and craft invested in their products.”

Chris Labrooy

Chris Labrooy: visualising how the UX 300e feels to drive

The UX 300e delivers highly responsive yet smooth acceleration that glides it powerfully forward. Meanwhile, its low centre of gravity keeps the car perfectly stable. Chris Labrooy has visualised these qualities in a futuristic exercise bike, its wheels speeding up and slowing down with controlled exhilaration.

Chris Labrooy: visualising how the UX 300e feels inside

The UX 300e offers a comfortable and cushioning interior environment which insulates its occupants with luxurious appointments. Noise-absorbing materials are positioned around the wheels, windows and underside, strategically soaking up road sounds that would traditionally be masked by an engine. Chris has conveyed these traits in a pair of high-fashion concept trainers.

Chris Labrooy

Visualising how the UX 300e feels to own

Lexus offers owners peace of mind, underlined by our unmatched track record in developing hybrid cars as well as the UX 300e’s standard eight-year or 100,000-mile battery warranty. This can even be extended to ten years or 600,000 miles through the battery health check included in every service. Chris has expressed these factors in a futuristic record player and holographic disc, playing relaxing music.

Chris Labrooy


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