2023 Lexus UX 300e gets upgraded

Lexus UX 300e

Lexus is introducing a package of upgrades for the 2023 Lexus UX 300e battery electric compact crossover, including an increase of up to more than 40 per cent in the driving range. A new battery system should enable distances of up to 280 miles to be covered on a single charge – in principle enough to travel non-stop from London to Sunderland or Edinburgh to Sheffield*. The UX 300e will also gain detailed changes to the body and chassis, the latest Lexus Link multimedia systems, improved Lexus Safety System+ safety and driver assistance functions and a wider choice of upholsteries and trims. 

The internationally acclaimed British musician Joy Crookes is the face and voice of the launch campaign for the new UX and her hit song Feet Don’t Fail Me Now features as the soundtrack for the new pan-European television commercial. 

When can the Lexus UX 300e deliveries be expected?

Lexus expects customer deliveries of the new UX 300e to commence during the second half of 2023. Pricing and specification details will be announced nearer the model’s on-sale date. 

What is the range of the 2023 Lexus UX 300e?

Lexus is significantly extending the UX 300e’s driving range by increasing the lithium-ion battery’s capacity from 54.3 to 72.8kWh. 

Maximum power remains 201bhp/159kW with 300Nm maximum torque. Models running on 17-inch wheels are expected to achieve a range of up to 280 miles* (450km, WLTP combined cycle), while those with 18-inch wheels should be able to cover up to 273 miles* (440km). In both cases, the distance may be affected by the options specified for the vehicle. 

Detailed changes to enhance the driving experience include fine-tuning the steering and shock absorber settings to sharpen dynamic performance, while additional spot-welding increases body rigidity. These alterations improve the car’s responsiveness and planted feel, characteristics accentuated by the vehicle’s low centre of gravity and the location of the battery pack beneath the floor. Changes are also being made to the sound insulation to achieve an even quieter cabin. 

Lexus UX 300e

Will there be a new infotainment system?

The UX 300e will follow the UX 250h in adopting the new Lexus Link multimedia systems, giving a faster response, more intuitive, human-centred operation and increased functionality.  

According to equipment grade, models are fitted with either eight-inch (Lexus Link connect) or 12.3-inch (Lexus Link Pro) displays, with touchscreen technology replacing the previous trackpad control. The new displays sit further forward on the instrument panel, bringing them closer to the driver for comfortable operation. They present crisper graphics – in high definition on the 12.3-inch screen. Significantly increased computing power means command responses are quicker, while “always connected” cloud-based navigation is provided as standard, giving access to real-time road and traffic information for easier journey planning. The Lexus Link Pro system has embedded navigation, so operation is available in areas where a cloud connection is not available.  

The system’s new voice recognition system includes the option of using the “Hey Lexus” onboard assistant. This makes for easier use of voice commands to make phone calls, operate the audio and climate control and search the net. It can link to cloud-based information, so, for example, it can be asked about nearby fuel prices and other local information. It is programmed to understand more conversational terms and is better able to recognise commands when there is background noise – the audio doesn’t have to be muted and the microphones can recognise whether it is the driver or front passenger speaking.    

Lexus UX 300e

Smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay (wireless connection) or Android Auto (wired connection) is provided as standard and, for complete convenience, updates to the multimedia system software can be delivered over the air using the car’s DCM (data communication module). Connectivity options include a USB-A port in the centre console box for playback of high-resolution sound sources and two USB-C ports for device charging on the console. The multimedia system can save the personal preference profiles of up to three people, customising the multimedia, audio and navigation settings.  

A redesign of the centre console uses the space where the multimedia trackpad was located for the controls for the heated front seats or, where these are not specified, a handy small storage cubby. The console also gains an illuminated tray in front of the air conditioning control panel, with space to hold a large smartphone.  

True to Lexus’s famous omotenashi hospitality, owners will be able to use the Lexus Link smartphone app to lock or unlock the doors or operate the air conditioning system remotely, so that the cabin can be cooled or warmed before they set off on a journey.  

What are the interior and exterior changes in the 2023 Lexus UX 300e?

The UX 300e will be available with a new exterior paintwork option, Sonic Platinum. This special finish uses Lexus’s advanced sonic paint technology in which a layer just a few microns thick brings the metallic flakes in the paint into closer, uniform alignment, creating extra brilliance and deeper shading across the car’s bodywork.  

In the cabin, there is a new Hazel colour option available for both the fabric and leather upholstery options. The perforated leather upholstery has a fresh look with a new kagome stitchwork pattern, inspired by a traditional Japanese basket weave. Japanese heritage is also expressed in the Washi dashboard surface texture, influenced by the paper-grain panels found in the sliding screen doors in traditional homes. 

Lexus Safety System+  

Revisions to the Lexus Safety System+ bring improved performance in the Pre-Collision System, equipping the car with Intersection Turning Assist for safer left and right turns across traffic at intersections and Emergency Steering Assist, which helps the driver steer to avoid obstacles without departing from their traffic lane. The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control adopts Curve Speed Reduction, which automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed to suit the radius of a bend in the road.  

UX 300e provisional specifications 

Cruising range (miles/km) 17in wheels 
18in wheels 
Energy consumption (miles/kWh) 17in wheels 
18in wheels 
Battery capacity (kWh) 72.8 
Fast charging standard CHAdeMO 
Maximum power (bhp/DIN hp/kW) 201/204/150 
Maximum torque (Nm) 300 

*The vehicle’s maximum driving range at any given time may be affected by a number of external factors, including driving style, road and weather conditions, external temperature and the fitment of options and/or accessories.

All information was correct at the time of publishing.


  1. Looks great, apart from one thing – please tell me that the DC charging port being Chademo is a MISTAKE, and that the UK spec ones are fitted with CCS?

  2. So does this mean that the 300e is getting a larger battery with more range.
    If so when does production start
    As I was told production was stopped on the 300e

    1. Morning Neil.

      Thank you for your questions.

      Lexus is significantly extending the UX 300e’s driving range by increasing the lithium-ion battery’s capacity from 54.3 to 72.8kWh. A new battery system should enable distances of up to 280 miles to be covered on a single charge.

      Lexus expects customer deliveries of the new UX 300e to commence during the second half of 2023. Pricing and specification details will be announced nearer the model’s on-sale date.

      Thank you.

      1. I do not really understand why it still takes manufacturers a year or more to produce a car from order. The “chip shortage” is making little sense as surely production only halted for at worst 3/4 months in 2021. By now I would have thought Toyota Lexus would have resolved the situation by making their own…….I’m sorry but such a long lead time kills my interest…whatever specification I choose, I might have changed my mind or found something different to buy. So please concentrate on cutting build delays rather then glossy adverts appealing to a generation who cannot afford to buy your cars!

  3. Please continue to provide 3.5mm aux-in socket for audio. This is very useful for audio professionals and Lexus is now one of the only manufacturers to still provide aux-input. Can you confirm?

  4. I have ordered a UX300e premium plus pack through the Arval portal I have been waiting since August 2021 I have recently recieved an email telling me my car will be delivered in January next year. will this be 2022 spec with the old 169 range or new 280 range 2023 spec please.

    1. Hello Barrie,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Arval would be best placed to assist you with this query.
      We hope this helps.

  5. My question is simple …. the UX pictured above has body coloured wheel arches; is this option available on UK specification vehicles?

    1. Hello, thanks for your question.

      The UX 250h F Sport, Takumi and F Sport Takumi are available with colour coded wheel arches.


      1. Well now LexusBot, as the simple question was asked in regards to the Lexus 300e, what has the “UX 250h F Sport, Takumi and F Sport Takumi “ got to do with the 300e?

        Please confirm if the Lexus 300e is or is not available with body coloured wheel arches in the UK, thank you.

        1. Hello, thanks for your question.

          We apologise for the confusion.

          Colour coded wheel arches are only available on the UX 300e Takumi.


    1. Hello Paul, thanks for your question.

      Please provide a Vehicle Registration so that we can advise you on this.


    1. Hi there, thanks for getting in touch.

      Orders placed today for the UX300e would be expected to arrive from around July time, however there may be some variants more readily available. Your local Lexus Centre is best placed to advise on this further.


      Lexus UK

  6. Are cars ordered today still using Chademo for rapid charging?
    Seems a bizarre decision to go with a dead, and severely limiting technology if this is still the case.
    If it’s CCS, I’ll order one as I like the car. If Chademo it’s a tougher decision as long distance driving just isn’t practical with a max 50KW.


    1. Hello Andy,
      The current specification UX 300e comes with CHAdeMO.
      However, we are always looking for ways to improve our product offering, so we will pass your feedback onto our Product Team.

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