How has the Lexus ES saloon been enhanced for 2021?

Lexus quality and craftsmanship combine with high value in the new ES Premium Edition. This new model costs just £550 more than the entry-level ES on which it is based, yet is equipped with more than £3,000 of additional equipment features.

These luxury features include 18-inch alloy wheels, heated steering wheel, wireless smartphone charger, automatic wipers, windscreen de-icer and aluminium scuff plates for all four doors. And with an on-the-road price of £35,750, the new ES Premium Edition (shown in these pictures) is well below the £40,000 threshold for additional Vehicle Excise Duty.

2021 Lexus ES saloon updates

Small but appreciable adjustments to specifications and design represent the changes applied to the 2021 model year Lexus ES saloon. The purpose of these is to improve safety and enhance the appearance and user-friendly design of the cabin.

Now standard across the range are Blind Spot Monitor (see above) and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA) systems, safety functions previously only provided on F Sport and Takumi grades. Both systems are designed to keep the driver alert to hazards in the car’s immediate surroundings. But RCTA includes an auto-braking function that will intervene to help prevent a collision if the driver fails to respond to a warning of approaching traffic when reversing out of a parking space.

The ES F Sport remains one of the best-value sports saloons on the market. As such, extra content has been added to the optional Tech and Safety Pack to give the model even more appeal. It now comes with triple-eye LED headlights, heated steering wheel and a wireless smartphone charger. And yet, even with the addition of the Tech and Safety Pack, its £39,255 price also remains below the £40,000 ‘luxury’ level, while the low emissions of its efficient hybrid powertrain helps it secure a 28% Benefit In Kind rating for company car tax payers.

Lexus is also providing the high-tech option of Digital Side-view Monitors on the ES Takumi – a first in its European model range. Compact, door-mounted cameras relay images in real-time to monitors at the base of the A-pillars. The view is automatically extended to eliminate blind spots when the indicators are used or reverse gear is selected.

2021 Lexus ES: overview of standard features

ES Ten-speaker Pioneer audio system, dual-zone climate control with Climate Concierge, heated front seats with eight-way power adjustment, sunroof, intelligent parking sensors, Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, 17-inch alloy wheels, smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Lexus Safety System+ 
F Sport In addition to base ES: Adaptive Variable Suspension, F Sport exterior and interior styling details, 19-inch F Sport alloy wheels, rear privacy glass, auto-folding power door mirrors with reverse-tilt function 
Takumi In addition to base ES: 17-speaker Mark Levinson sound system, 12.3-inch multimedia display, power boot lid with hands-free kick sensor, head-up display, semi-aniline leather upholstery, Shimamoku wood trim inlays 

The new 2021 Lexus ES is on sale now, with deliveries to customers from October.


  1. That’s some good updates to the MY21 ES.👍

    I understand there are some small internal changes too to window switchgear and other things. Can you highlight these please and when do you envisage the website and e-brochure will be updated to reflect these changes?

    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your comment. We’re glad you’re liking the MY21 ES.
      Regarding internal changes, power window switch ornamentation has been added, the steering wheels switch design has been changed, the small item storage at the front cup holder has been increased, the USB port cover has been revised and the multimedia, PWR/VOL and TUNE knob colour has been changed to a satin-plated pattern coating.
      The website and e-brochure are scheduled to be updated at the start of October.

    2. Hi All, I returned one back in 2018 because the sat nav wasn’t touch screen. Is the new one a touch screen?

      1. Hi,

        There have been no changes to the physical operation of the multimedia system. Sorry about that.


  2. Thanks for the info. Do you have any further info on the change to the USB port cover? I’ve seen a photo of it on the Japanese website but it’s not clear whether the whole USB / cup holder cover has to be left open as currently (poor implementation) or whether the USBs now have their own cover.

    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your reply.
      Regarding the USB port cover alterations, the material has been changed, and it has been switched to a vertically opening type.

      1. Have now seen in the flesh. Such a shame that Lexus didn’t put a USB in the central console to hide the phone and cable away. It’s my major pet hate with the ES that I’ve got to have the large cup holder flap open and the phone and white cable on display. The cable usually gets wrapped around the ‘gear’ shift. It spoils the crisp, clean lines of the cabin.

        1. Hello Peter,
          Thank you for getting in touch with us. It’s a shame that you did not like elements of the new ES design.
          We will make sure to pass your feedback on to our wider product team.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us.
      There haven’t been any changes made to the suspension for the MY21 ES, but the F Sport grade comes with Adaptive Variable Suspension.
      If you don’t mind us asking, when was the last time you experienced an ES?

      1. In February. I have a 2016 RX and wanted a saloon. Prior to the RX I had a 2010 GS450h and the ES was not nearly as smooth as the RX or GS. I felt every bump at fast and v slow speeds. Otherwise I loved the car.

        1. Hi John,
          Thanks for your reply and for letting us know.
          We’re sorry that you didn’t get on with the ES, but we hope that you’re enjoying your RX.

  3. Hi, any ideas when the MY21 ES brochure will be published on the website? It’s still the January 2020 on the Lexus site?

    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your comment. Well spotted!
      We’ve now updated our spec information to reflect that the 12.3” display screen is part of the Premium Edition, Takumi Pack on the F Sport Model and the Takumi model itself for the MY21 ES.

    1. Hi Rafael,

      Thanks for your interest in the ES. We have no information on a new model at this time. Please visit our blog regularly for the latest Lexus news.


  4. Hello – does anyone know when the Lexus ES 2022 refresh (new grill, touchscreen satnav) will be available for order and delivery in the UK please.

    1. Hi Mandeep,

      Thanks for your interest in the MY22 ES. We’ll have more information on the updated vehicle soon.

      Thanks for your patience.

  5. Having known my lexus LS 400 since august 1995 and can rember you long before
    the lexus showrooms were built and I got s beautiful bouquet of flowers on the passenger seat after a service after 26 years of trouble free motoring and thrashed my 4 litres engine and covered over 238,000 trouble free motoring it came time to change very nervous as never thought would fined car as comfortable and quite as my LS. I changed to ES 300H premium inApril of this year DarkNavy and cream interior .After many worries I am over the moon with it just as quite as my LS and all the reports of it being slow the gearbox is smooth and more than enough power even after being used to 4 litres plus enjoying getting nearly 50mpg and I don’t hang about. The new headlights are amazing and the tec great there are couple of things I could tell lexus to adjust if interested. Only thing they have added since aprill is touch screen but have to say I love the touch pad fine very easy and no finger marks on screen. Plus my LS stereo was fab but very hsppy with basic one in my ES. If you thinking of buying one you won’t be disappointed stunning looking car. Thank you Lexus.

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