Lexus LS 600h: The world’s first full hybrid V8

In 1989 Lexus unveiled its vision of the ultimate luxury saloon. Building on immediate demand in the US, the LS 400 went on sale in the UK just one year later. It instantly set the tone for Lexus that continues to this day: world-class vehicles and unbeatable customer service.

Lexus calls this approach the pursuit of perfection. But how do you make the best even better? The LS 600h has the answer.  It is the world’s first vehicle to feature a V8 engine with full hybrid technology. This offers immense power with reduced emissions and improved fuel economy – with Lexus, you really can have it all.

Lexus Hybrid Drive technology is only the start, though.

Is the LS 600h the ultimate Lexus saloon? How do you think the model will change over the next 20 years? Let us know your thoughts on the LS below.

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