Lexus x Norman Walsh: how to make a trainer

Have you seen our striking, Lexus CT 200h F Sport-inspired trainers? They were the result of a collaboration between Lexus and premium British footwear company Norman Walsh.

Just like Japanese Takumi apply the subtlety of human touch and traditional artisan craftsmanship to every aspect of Lexus vehicles, each pair of Norman Walsh trainers is lovingly handcrafted in the Bolton factory using only the finest materials. It is a tradition the company has been upholding for nearly 60 years.

Here’s our step-by-step guide:

1: CUT

The trainer materials are cut precisely to the correct size and shape.


An experienced seamstress meticulously joins the materials together.


The sewn upper is placed into a lasting machine by hand. It is pulled and sealed securely around a bespoke last.


A skilled craftsman applies adhesive to the lasted upper by hand. 

The sole is tightly bonded using a traditional sole press.


A quality specialist uses a high-pressure air gun, brushes and crepe rubber to remove any imperfections.

6. BOX

The finished trainers are carefully boxed, ready to be dispatched.







  1. Please advise me of the process of order a correct sizing for the Lexus trainer. I have a ct200 h in black. Darth Vader edition. Please confirm contact number on reply so I can order and possibly collect from your workshop.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, these were limited edition trainers and are therefore no longer available. We would advise for you to contact Norman Walsh regarding this to see if there’s anything they can do for you. You can contact them via their website:


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