Lexus starts production of all-new GS 450h

Production of the high-performance GS 450h, has started at the Tahara Plant, in Japan. Bearing Lexus’ bold new design identity and equipped with the second-generation Lexus Hybrid Drive powertrain, the GS 450h is gearing up for market launch in the UK this summer.

The all-new GS features a powerful, commanding road presence, while the refined interior offers a driver-focused cockpit and advanced safety and comfort. There is more space for driver and passengers, and significantly more room for luggage.

The GS combines sharp, accurate steering and excellent body control, with outstanding high-speed stability.

The GS 450h is also the world’s first front engine rear-wheel drive performance saloon to be equipped with a full hybrid system.

Featuring a V6 Atkinson cycle petrol engine with next generation D-4S direct injection technology, the GS delivers 345bhp.

As a result, the GS 450h will accelerate from 0-62mph in 5.9 seconds and has a top speed electronically limited to 155mph.

Even so, CO2 emissions start from just 137 g/km, while combined fuel economy is 47.8mpg.

Production of the GS 250 started in January, and this model is already launched in Japan and the USA.

Demand for new GS has been very strong – about 4,000 all-new GS cars have already been sold between January and February this year.

In Japan, customer orders in the first month of sales were ten times higher than the monthly sales plan. In the USA, year-to-date sales of GS are four times higher than last year.


  1. Isn’t the current GS450h the ‘ world’s first front engine rear-wheel drive performance saloon to be equipped with a full hybrid system’?

    1. Hi Amit, thanks for posting! When the GS 450h was first launched back in 2005 it was the worlds first high performance hybrid car and we believe you are right with your comment about the current model too. Will you be booking a test drive in the new model? Thanks.

  2. what a car performance handling fuel economylooks great inside and out i wish i could afford this as it is superb

  3. all ready have a GS450h f sport on order,now i will just have to play the waiting game. hopefully mid June will be the Delivery date , but if its as popular as you say then who knows

  4. I’ve put a deposit down for the new Lexus but not much info given by the dealer on delivery in the Uk. I’m thinking of going for the f sport but I’m not sure if you can have the bamboo interior. I still have to admit that even though Lexus are a beautiful car inside, the performance still needs to be improved as 5.9 secs to 62 mph are not impressive ( unless ive read it incorrect) Anything under 5 secs are more acceptable for a sports saloon in the 21st century. Still buying one for my father as he likes Lexus.

    1. Hello, thank you for the post and we are delighted to hear you’ve a new GS on the way! To answer your question, the F Sport model doesn’t have the option for the bamboo interior. You may like to look through the car chapter on the Lexus website which gives the details of the available models: Many thanks for your question and let us know how you get on with the new car, we very much hope you love the experience of driving the new GS 450h.

  5. Thanks for the info. I’ve had the Lexus dealer call me today with further info. I’ll be going in the weekend to see him and finalise the spec. He’s told me that the 450 h f sport only comes with three optional extras in the Uk- sunroof, mark levinson with the bigger screen and metallic paint
    So I’m going for the met paint and m/ levinson.

  6. Hi chaps

    My GS 450 h sport should be arriving in mid July 12 as informed by the dealer today. I’ve gone for black with garnet red interior
    There wasn’t many options to add on except for mark levinson and the larger screen. Unfortunately they didn’t give the option to add the bamboo interior

    Will keep you updated on delivery and my views in the car when I take the delivery


    A. Hamid

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