Lexus Short Films: Watch ‘Echoes’

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Five interconnected stories come together in Echoes, the second film in the Lexus Short Films series.

It’s 3am and a comedian is having an off night. In a moment of desperation he begins to muse on love and life, his musings become the anchor to the stories of five isolated individuals. An expectant father waiting in a bar, an executive driving home, an astronaut in space, a young woman going for a late night swim and a singer waiting to go on stage are all experiencing a surreal moment of clarity.

Special Problems are New Zealand-based directing duo Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali. With a background in fine art, they have previously shown shorts at the Tribeca Film Festival and formed a collaboration with rock band The Naked And Famous, whose music videos have clocked up millions of views on YouTube.

Watch an interview with Special Problems here.

See part one in the Lexus Short Films series, Cristina Molino’s Beyond Memories, here.


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