Lexus RZ Sport Concept revealed at Tokyo Auto Salon

The boundless possibilities for customisation and the excitement of outdoor adventure are the focus of Lexus’s presence at the Tokyo Auto Salon and Tokyo Outdoor Show, both taking place at the Makuhari Messe from today to 15 January. 

Lexus RZ Sport Concept

Lexus RZ Sport Concept

At the Tokyo Auto Salon, Lexus is showcasing the RZ Sport Concept which embody its vision for a carbon neutral society while giving customers the chance to use their vehicles to support a wide variety of lifestyles – vehicles enhanced by a commitment to create ever-better cars bred from motorsport. 

Lexus RZ Sport Concept

The RZ Sport Concept is based on Lexus’s first dedicated battery electric vehicle (BEV). It has been customised under the supervision of racing driver Masahiro Sasaki, who also contributed to development of the RZ production car. The concept has high-output 150kW front and rear motors and sits 35mm lower to the ground. It features custom aerodynamic parts, large diameter tyres and racing-style seats. The exterior colour, Hakugin, has a pure white base with a delicate shining texture and a blue accent that evokes clean BEV performance. 

Tokyo Outdoor Show

Lexus is launching its Overtrail Project at the Tokyo Outdoor Show, highlighting a range of outdoor experiences from simple picnics and camping to off-road adventures in challenging environments. The project’s inspiration to explore new paths and nature is represented by three Lexus concept vehicles. 

RX Outdoor Concept

The RX Outdoor Concept is based on the all-new RX 450h+ plug-in hybrid electric SUV and is specially equipped for active outdoor lifestyles.

Lexus ROV Concept 2

The ROV Concept 2 inherits the off-road capabilities and the hydrogen-powered engine of the original ROV (Recreational Off-highway Vehicle) concept, combining a vision of carbon neutrality while preserving the emotional sensations associated with the combustion engine. Both concept models are finished in an exclusive exterior colour, Regolith, which combines matt texture, brilliance and toughness. The name is taken from geology, used to describe loose matter that covers the surface of the earth, moon and other planets and asteroids. 


    1. The RX looks fabulous – really sporty – look forward to a test drive. Should be amazing with a light weight body .
      Yours Jacky

  1. Sadly the new Sports version is so ugly I would be hate to be seen in it. My old Lexus is beautiful in comparison.

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