Lexus RX safety: top marks by Euro NCAP

Lexus RX safety

When it comes to Lexus RX safety, owners will be comforted to know that the all-new model has been awarded a top five-star rating in the independent safety testing and assessment programme carried out by Euro NCAP.

Thanks to the latest generation Lexus Safety System+ package that comes as standard on every new RX, the range and capability of its safety and driver assistance features are greater than ever before. In fact, every time you get behind the wheel, the safety suite tirelessly checks the road ahead and the traffic around the vehicle for potential accident risks. If it detects danger, the system will warn the driver and, if necessary, adjust speed, steering and braking to help the vehicle avoid an accident – or make the consequences less severe if an impact is inevitable.

Lexus RX safety

The rigorous nature of the Euro NCAP tests not only assesses technological advances but the fundamental strength of the car’s construction and its ability to protect its occupants. In this respect, the test scores revealed a 90% score for adult occupant protection, 87% for child occupants, 89% for vulnerable road users, and 91% for the performance of safety assistance features.

Lexus RX safety assistance features

The car’s Pre-Collision System uses a combination of radar and camera to gain a wide detection range and recognise numerous hazard types.  For example, when turning left or right from your current route, the system can detect the likelihood of a head-on collision risk with oncoming traffic and crossing pedestrians. It can also detect sudden, unintended use of the throttle when moving at low speeds and suppress potentially dangerous acceleration.

The Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) and Rear Cross Traffic Alert with auto-braking support safe overtaking and manoeuvring, while Front Cross Traffic Alert (part of an extended safety package option), warns of approaching vehicles from either side at junctions with poor sightlines. BSM also plays a part in the Safe Exit Assist function for the car’s e-Latch door opening system, which prevents doors from being opened inadvertently into the path of vehicles coming from the rear.

Emergency Steering Assist with Active Support instantaneously provides steering and braking assistance to help keep the car stable and within its traffic lane if you suddenly swerve to avoid an obstacle.

Proactive Driving Assist comes into play when driving at lower speeds around town. It uses the car’s front camera to spot hazards such as pedestrians about to cross or walking along the edge of the road, parked cars and cyclists.

On long highway drives, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control keeps a safe, set distance from the vehicle ahead, slowing the RX down to a standstill if necessary. It responds to voice commands, and will automatically adjust vehicle speed when you approach a curve, to ensure smooth, stable progress. The system can also adjust speed to prevent the RX from undertaking another vehicle on the outer lanes of a multi-lane highway.

Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Alert both help keep your car correctly centred in its lane. Road Sign Assist repeats warning and command signs on major routes in the driver’s multi-information display and links to the cruise control system for easy adjustment when a speed limit changes.

To combat the risk of tiredness affecting attention and reaction levels, the Driver Monitor uses a camera mounted above the steering wheel to constantly keep an eye on the driver, recognising if they have lost concentration through tiredness or being unwell. In a world first, the monitor is linked to the car’s active safety systems, so if the driver fails to respond to alerts, it will suppress acceleration and bring the vehicle to a controlled halt, activating the hazard lights.

Night-time driving is made safer with automatic headlight adjustment between low and high beams – an Adaptive High-beam System or Automatic High Beam according to the model specification.

Safety updates

While the features itemised above provide a comprehensive, five-star safety package, Lexus is always striving to improve the functionality of individual systems. Helpfully, the suite now offers the ability to receive over-the-air software updates, which means that the systems can be seamlessly updated and extended with no need for the RX to be taken back to a Lexus centre.

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