Lexus LF-CC concept premieres at Paris Motor Show

Lexus LF-CC

The Lexus LF-CC has been unveiled for the first time at the Paris Motor Show, a new mid-size coupe concept that presents design and technology ideas that will influence future models.

It follows on from the award-winning LF-LC 2+2 sports coupe concept which debuted at the Detroit show earlier this year as a more compact model with rear-wheel drive and full hybrid power. It shares design cues with the earlier show car and demonstrates how Lexus is using its concept studies to influence future production models, in this case, cars for the compact executive car market – the D-segment.

Lexus LF-CC

The LF-CC heralds the launch of a premium mid-size Lexus coupe in the near future and reinforces the company’s commitment to creating more engaging cars that are attractively styled, deliver a better driving experience and harness the potential of advanced technologies.

Lexus LF-CC: exterior design

The LF-CC displays the latest evolution of Lexus’s L-finesse design language and presents the boldest interpretation yet of the spindle-shaped grille that has become a signature feature of new Lexus models. The grille mesh is set in a deep, metal-finish surround and takes on a pronounced 3D form, framed by the lip of the bonnet, the deep lower spoiler and the projecting tips of the front wings.

The three-LED projector headlamp units are set in a narrow gap between the upper and lower wing surfaces and dispense with the conventional one-piece cover. Separate daytime running lights are integrated into the upper bumper surface.

The broad lower leading sections of the front wings are aerodynamically sculpted to manage the flow of air into the engine bay and front brakes, while at the same time reinforcing the powerful road presence created by the frontal design.

In profile, the strong convex curve of the bonnet flows seamlessly through a steeply raked windscreen into a roofline that peaks towards the rear of the cabin – a deliberate style detail designed to emphasise the power of the rear-wheel drive powertrain.

The bodywork is stretched taut between the car’s front wings and rear quarters. The shape of the rear wings is less pronounced, reinforcing the concentration of vehicle weight over the driven wheels to gain maximum traction.

An airflow-regulating fin merges with the falling roofline in a prominent rear spoiler integrated into the boot lid, fusing design and aerodynamic elements to give the vehicle its distinctive coupe proportions.

At the rear the full-width bumper flows into the rear wheel arches, emphasising the car’s broad stance. Characteristic Lexus L-shaped rear lamp clusters have a layered, 3D design, and the lower, concave bumper incorporates a full-width spoiler, further enhancing rear-wheel traction. In a neat detail, the stop lamp is integrated into the shark‘s fin antenna.

The LF-CC is finished in a new Fluid Titanium colour, a metallic paint with exceptionally high brilliance that combines sharp, bright highlighting with dark-shaded surfaces to show off the bodywork’s sculpted surfaces.

Lexus LF-CC: Interior design

The LF-CC’s interior hints the kind of progressive luxury Lexus envisions for future cabin layouts, with further development of its HMI (human-machine interface) technology.

The dashboard is divided in an upper Display Zone, with a multi-display screen positioned for at-a-glance viewing, and a lower Operation Zone, with a new-design shift lever and touch tracer display for remote control of a range of vehicle systems.

Lexus LF-CC

The zonal treatment creates a fusion of an airy and spacious cabin with a sporting cockpit that puts emphasis on a snug and focused driving environment. All the drive function controls are located immediately around the driver’s seat, combining excellent ergonomics with advanced HMI technologies.

The driving position is set low and is highly focused, with a wide grip sports steering wheel, careful positioning of the pedals and high visibility instrument dials. The touch tracer display is located directly behind the shift lever for easy and comfortable operation.

The seats, door panels and instrument binnacle are trimmed in a warm amber-coloured leather that strikes a pleasing contrast with the Fluid Titanium exterior. Extensive use of soft-touch materials and metallic finishes reinforces the overall premium quality feel of the interior.

New 2.5-litre full hybrid powertrain

The LF-CC is equipped with a new 2.5-litre full hybrid powertrain that is destined for use in future production models and delivers a combination of sporting performance suitable for a mid-size coupe and low emissions, targeted below 100g/km. Lexus expects the powertrain to be the most efficient in its class, producing more than 2bhp per gramme of CO2.

This Lexus Hybrid Drive powertrain uses a new, ultra-smooth 2.5-litre four-cylinder DOHC petrol engine, mated to a compact, high-output electric motor.

In addition to the engine and electric motor, the system also features a generator, a high-performance battery, a power split device and compact power control unit.

The engine has been adapted specifically for use in the hybrid powertrain and benefits from a number of technical improvements, adopting the Atkinson cycle and D-4S direct injection technology to optimise both power and fuel efficiency.

This new powertrain will be introduced in the Lexus model range in the near future.

All information is correct at the time of publishing.

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