All-new Lexus LBX: UK debut tour 

The all-new Lexus LBX is appearing for the first time in the UK on a month-long tour of city centre locations and prestige visitor attractions. 

Lexus LBX UK Tour

The compact SUV – the smallest model yet to wear the Lexus badge – will be featured in a static display throughout August, including appearances at the BBC Good Food Live event at Goodwood Racecourse and the Hampton Court Palace Food Festival.  

At these locations there will also be the chance for people to experience the all-electric Lexus UX 300e and RZ 450e luxury SUVs alongside a professional driver; at Goodwood, the experience will include a section of the famous Festival of Speed hillclimb. 

Lexus LBX UK tour

Other prominent destinations in the itinerary include Birmingham, Belfast and Leeds city centres, Media City in Salford and the Westfield retail centre in West London. 

At each venue, Lexus brand ambassadors will be on hand to answer customer questions and take details from those who wish to be kept informed about the model as it approaches its on-sale date. Details of the UK model range, pricing and pre-sales opportunities will be announced shortly. 

Lexus LBX UK tour

The LBX (Lexus Breakthrough Crossover) is a compact SUV that is taking Lexus’s brand appeal into new market territory, embracing new, cutting-edge design and technology. It transcends customers’ traditional expectations of what a car in this class can offer, distilling the distinguishing Lexus qualities of luxury craftsmanship and omotenashi hospitality into a smaller package.  It’s designed to be accessible and easy to live with and is equipped with a new Lexus hybrid electric powertrain that offers a generous all-electric driving capability. 

It also breaks new ground by giving owners a wider range of design executions and specifications to choose from, giving them more freedom to express their individual taste and sense of style. 

Where can I see the new Lexus LBX?


  1. How can you have a national tour for a car that we do not know what are the detailed variants and the prices.
    I am very interested in the lbx but i feel as though until i know much more detail i am not going to make a journey from where i live in the west midlands to just look at the car. Speaking to a number of my friends they feel the same. My suggestion would be the sooner people can use the configuration for the lbx variants the quicker people will place an order. Me included.

    1. Hello Trevor,

      Thanks for your comment.

      We completely understand your frustration. However, as this is a new model, information is being released in stages.

      We would love to see you on our tour and thank you for your interest in the Lexus LBX!

      If you would like to keep up-to-date on any LBX-related info please follow this link:


  2. When you say a ‘static display’ does this mean we will not be able to get close to the car, sit in it etc.? I ask as the wording is very different to the other models – “experience the all-electric Lexus UX 300e and RZ 450e”

    I do not want to make a very long journey to one of these locations if I am not able to sit in the car.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Stephen, thanks for your comment and interest in the LBX!

      The LBX on display throughout the tour will be static, therefore not able to drive. However, guests will be able to sit in the vehicle and get close to the car.

      We hope you see you there.


  3. Hello to all at Lexus,
    Quick question regarding the LBX’s “UK tour”, if I may, please – will the vehicle on display be to one of the UK specifications that are on the Lexus website as pre-orders? (i.e. Urban | Premium/-plus/-design | Takumi /-design | Original)
    If so, do you know which specification it will be?

    Hoping to make it to the Leeds showing of the LBX – although, having signed up for further information, I confess to being slightly disappointed to read this by chance on the website, rather than in an email from Lexus.
    (Although having not received anything on the pre-orders opening for the vehicle either, I am wondering what “signing up for further information” was for?!)

    Many thanks,
    Dave R.

    1. Hello Dave, thanks for your comment.

      This is all the information we have on the All-New Lexus LBX UK debut tour at the moment.

      However, if you have signed up to be kept informed be sure to keep an eye on your emails.

      Information will also be found on our website and Mag closer to the time.

      We hope to see you there!


      1. Hello,
        To answer my original question for you – and more-so for anyone else who may be interested – the vehicle on display in Leeds today is a European specification pre-production vehicle (so it’s left-hand drive) in Sonic Grey and – I think – is a “Relax” spec vehicle with a tan leather interior and the 10-spoke silver-grey alloys.
        It’s a VERY nice vehicle – IF you can live with the cramped rear space. Fortunately, I can!
        Dave R.

  4. Marketing department should get fired. 23 to 25th is a weekday at Westfield. So pretty hard to get to after work. Then 26 to 28 at Hampton Court, the website says cost to enter is £26. Come on, really.

  5. Went to a Lexus dealer this week, they knew nothing & weren’t interested, which was disappointing.
    Contacted Lexus online & asked if any cars were likely to be shown anywhere, they replied , very promptly by phone , to say the only place would be the Bullring Birmingham.
    Just by chance I did a search & low & behold it will be at a couple of places round London.
    Very disappointing communication, as like others I have signed up for info & have received pre order info but want to see the car first.
    Expected better from Lexus.

    1. Hello Adrian, thanks for getting in contact.

      We are sorry to hear of your service and wish to apologise.

      You will be able to see the LBX at the following locations:

      – Victoria Square, Belfast, 6 August
      – Victoria Gate, Leeds, 10-12 August
      – Media City, Salford/Manchester, 14-16 August
      – BBC Good Food Live, Goodwood Racecourse, Sussex, 18-20 August
      – Westfield London (White City), 23-25 August
      – Hampton Court Palace Food Festival, Richmond, Surrey, 26-28 August
      – Bullring and Grand Central, Birmingham, 30 August – 3 September

      We look forward to hopefully seeing you at one of the stops on the tour!


      1. Dear Lexus UK,

        I am interested in visiting the LBX event at Westfield London (White City), 23-25 August.

        I checked the Westfield London website for your event, but unfortunately, it’s not yet listed. I also called their customer service this morning, but they stated that they do not have any details yet regarding this event.

        However, they mentioned that if such an event takes place (meaning a car being displayed), it’s going to be located either in the Atrium, or in the square.

        Can you please confirm this event is still happening and if so, which part of the Westfield Shopping Centre is likely to be located, as I am planning to drop by tomorrow with my son.

        Hope to hear from you soon and many thanks.

        1. Hello Dorian, thanks for your comment.

          We are pleased to hear of your interest in the Lexus LBX debut tour!

          We do not have this information to give currently, however a member of staff at the shopping centre should be able to direct you to the correct location on the day.


  6. I am interested in the Media City venue. How do I get more detail about the exact venue & times. It is mid week so won’t be able to go until


    1. Hello Maureen, thanks for your comment.

      The Lexus LBX tour should be open from 9am-8pm at the Media City venue. However, we would recommend contacting the venue directly to confirm timings.

      Hope this helps.


  7. What times at Westfield will the car be open to sit in and experience?
    What colour will the car on display be?
    I notice previously the Lexus website said from March 24 for delivery but not it seems to have been updated with June 24.
    Has the vehicle been delayed by a few months?

  8. Sunday evening and still no mention of a Lexus event on the Westfield website or times when the car will be open. Please could you find out as I’m going to need to book annual leave to join the event and not much notice to book leave if I come Wednesday.

    Also I know you don’t have any specifications as yet but the car which has been touring does it have a light cream coloured or dark charcoal/black interior roof lining?

    1. Hello Victor, thanks for your comment.

      For Westfield London White City, this will be open from 10am to 8pm.

      The car will be a high grade, silver/grey Lexus LBX with hazel interior.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Thank you,

        I visited yesterday which was helpful.
        The roof lining is dark and I was hoping for a light roof lining so the interior feels more airy, especially without a panoramic sunroof, once the final specs are released I’m hoping the Premium will have a cream roof liner unlike the Takumi with its dark lining.

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