Lexus awards 2023: a record of excellence

After a successful 2022 in which Lexus UK won numerous awards across its range of vehicles, including the first-ever plug-in hybrid model, the NX 450h+, all eyes are on 2023. Can Lexus outperform the previous year? We will keep this page updated with each new award won throughout the calendar year, so watch this space…

Lexus NX 450h+ crowned Best Large Plug-in Car for a second year

It was rated the best in 2022 and a year later the NX 450h+ luxury SUV remains the pick of the UK’s large plug-in hybrid electric cars, winning the Carbuyer Best Car Awards category for a second time.

The NX has been the best-selling Lexus model in the UK since 2015, and the NX 450h+ represents the halo model of the current range. Regarding that car the award judges commented: “The Lexus NX is a great car with or without a plug, but the 450h+ raises the game with a long electric range, plus a quiet, comfortable cabin and fantastic in-car tech. Another repeat winner, the Lexus NX is our best large plug-in hybrid for 2024.”

Lexus awards 2023

Lexus remains reliably number one for reliability

Fashions come and fashions go, but with each year that passes Lexus reliability remains constant. The lasting quality of its vehicles has been validated yet again with the number one ranking in the annual What Car? Reliability Survey for the seventh time.

Claire Evans, What Car? consumer editor who led the survey said: “If reliability is your priority, a Lexus model is the best choice. Not only do its models rarely go wrong, but when they do its dealerships resolve all issues swiftly and at no cost to owners. It is the brand that leads the field for dependability.”

Lexus awards 2023

Almost 22,000 motorists took part in the magazine’s 2023 study into the cars which perform best and worst when it comes to faults. The results, covering 32 brands and 178 different models up to five years old, showed Lexus achieving an unmatched score of 98.3 per cent, taking into account not just the number of problems experienced, but also how long they took to put right and the cost of repairs.

Lexus excelled in the survey’s categories, most notably in the family SUV class where the first generation NX came top with 99.8 per cent; the all-new, current NX second with 99.4 per cent; and UX third with 99.3 per cent. The Lexus RX was placed second among large SUVs at 98.6 per cent.  All of these are self-charging hybrid electric models – the powertrain technology the survey found to be the most reliable and simplest to repair when an issue does arise.

Lexus RZ awarded a five-star safety rating by Euro NCAP

The all-new Lexus RZ scored highly in every category of the 2023 safety protocols and has therefore been given a top five-star safety rating by independent test organisation Euro NCAP.

Lexus awards 2023

Announcing the test results, Euro NCAP said: “The Lexus RZ meets Euro NCAP’s expectations for all-around good crash protection for occupants representing a range of ages, heights, and sizes. The car is also equipped with the latest crash avoidance systems and comes with several new active safety innovations. [It] is the first car that Euro NCAP rewards for Child Presence Detection technology under the latest 2023 rating regime. The [Rear Seat Reminder System], which warns when a child or infant may have been left in the car, is potentially lifesaving in hot weather.”

Crash test analysis produced scores above 80% for adult and child occupants and vulnerable road users. The performance of safety assistance features – including those provided as standard in the Lexus Safety System+ package – were also rated above 80%.

Lexus proves pre-eminent in its class, retaining Auto Express New Car Award

The Lexus NX has been crowned Mid-size Premium SUV of the Year in the Auto Express New Car Awards for a second year in succession. The honour confirms the NX’s leading status in one of the most fiercely contested premium market segments.

Steve Fowler, Auto Express editor-in-chief, said: “The latest NX is one of the best Lexus models we’ve ever driven. All the traditional Lexus traits are present and correct – it’s brilliantly built and generously equipped with warranty cover of up to 10 years. But this latest model is also really good to drive and has the efficiency buyers of big SUVs demand, too.”

Lexus voted the Most Reliable Brand for a fourth time in the Auto Trader New Car Awards

Lexus has maintained its status as the UK’s top-rated carmaker, being voted Most Reliable Car Brand in the 2023 Auto Trader New Car Awards.

It is the fourth time in five years Lexus has earned the title, which is determined by the real-world experiences and opinions of more than 220,000 UK car owners who responded to Auto Trader’s annual survey.

Erin Baker, Auto Trader editorial director, said: “Quality, reliability and comfort were three characteristics that came out of our survey. As one owner said – ‘I wish that I had bought a Lexus years ago, it’s the best car that I have driven and I would never go back to another model’.”

Lexus collects honours for reliability, NX 450h+ and LC Convertible at What Car? awards

The Lexus NX 450h+ has been named the Plug-in Hybrid of the Year in the What Car? awards, retaining the title it won on its debut a year ago. The presentation ceremony also saw Lexus receive an unprecedented sixth consecutive award for being ranked in first place in the annual What Car? Reliability Survey, while the Lexus LC Convertible was named the Best Convertible for Luxury.

Announcing the award for the NX 450h+, Steve Huntingford, What Car? editor, said: “Some fine plug-in hybrids have been launched in the past year, but none was able to dethrone the Lexus NX450h+. It’s exceptionally efficient, no matter which mode you’re driving in, while comfort, refinement and quality are also outstanding.” 

The 2022 What Car? Reliability Survey drew responses from almost 25,000 people who shared their real-world experiences and opinions of the cars they drive day-to-day.  Huntingford commented: “Lexus finished first for three reasons: its cars rarely go wrong, when they do its technicians fix them quickly, and any repairs needed are usually free.” 

Lexus named UK’s number one for reliability and customer satisfaction by Honest John

Lexus has reaffirmed its position as the UK’s most reliable and satisfying car brand, taking first place in both categories in the 2023 Honest John satisfaction Index. 

Dan Powell, senior editor at, said: “This is an incredible double for Lexus, being rated as the UK’s best for both owner satisfaction and reliability. It’s the fourth successive year it has been rated as the best brand for reliability, which is an incredible result for a car company that has had no equal when it comes to build quality in the history of the Honest John Satisfaction Index.  Six thousand car owners took part in our latest index, and Lexus swept its rivals aside to secure the top spot with an average satisfaction score of 92.37%. The Lexus NX (2014-2021 model) emerged as the UK’s best car for reliability, achieving an incredible model average of 9.98 out of 10.” 

Lexus NX honoured as Premium Car of the Year in the Company Car and Van awards

The Lexus NX is the Premium Car of the Year title in the Company Car and Van awards. The second generation of Lexus’s mid-size SUV launched in the UK a year ago and has quickly established itself as a strong proposition in one of the most competitive premium car segments.  

Andrew Walker, Company Car and Van editor, said: “Now offered in a plug-in hybrid guide, the NX ticks the company car box. Climb aboard and Lexus’s famed build quality shines through with this NX a more refined and comfortable car than its predecessor. Lexus has sensibly updated the on-board tech and the model now sits at the top table of premium SUVs.” 


  1. You do realise that the Lexus GS won the Auto-Express Driver Power Survey for Best Used Car in November 2022 as well?

  2. Why is the delivery of this car NX450h Takumi so much delayed have had on order since June 2022
    Latest forecast delivery late April 2023. probably May..
    Toyota claiming in 2023 it will make and deliver a record no of cars.
    all reports say Microchips in plentiful supply

    1. Hello Reg, thanks for your question.

      We are sorry that the delivery of your vehicle has been delayed.

      The global semi-conductor shortage is continuing to increase our lead times. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.

      We would advise contacting our Customer Relations Team if you would like to discuss this further. You can find them here:


  3. Looking forward to receiving our NX 450+ in March 23, Lexus a formidable stand out brand amongst a crowded SUV market.

    1. Hello David, congratulations on your order.

      Thank you for choosing Lexus and for your kind words. We wish you many luxurious miles.


  4. I have owned a Lexus NX450+ since March 2022, most of my journeys are local so have still got a half tank of one year old fuel. What age the dangers of running a car on one year old fuel. Oh buy the way the car has done 2700 miles.

    1. Hello Brian, thanks for your question.

      Our Technical Team have advised that old fuel does degrade over time and this may eventually cause running issues. We would recommend using the old fuel and then only refilling your tank to what you are going to use, and not to a full tank.

      Hope this helps.


  5. Like so many I am waiting on delivery of my NX450h Takumi, order placed April 22 with original delivery date Oct 22 now early February 23 car still not in the build phase and no delivery before May 23.

    My dealer has been as helpful as they can be but again they can only go on the information they are provided. My question is simple for a company that prides itself of precision and perfection how can they have no idea when when a car will be built yet alone delivered?

    It is extremely frustration now as 6 month delivery time is likely to be in reality least 14 months.

    1. Hello Evan, thanks for your comment.

      We understand your frustration and apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.

      Unfortunately, due to the global semi-conductor micro chip shortage, lead times are much longer than usual. We would like to assure you that we are doing everything we can to get your vehicle to you as soon as possible.

      If you would like to discuss this further, please contact our Customer Relations Team, here:


  6. I have taken delivery of my NX450H+ F Sport. Lovely car that is easy to drive and economical for it’s size. However should it have come with a Jack? There is a space for one but nothing there.

        1. Hi Robert, thanks for your question.

          The NX 450h+ F Sport should come with a jack. We would recommend contacting your Lexus Centre if this is not supplied.


  7. Awaiting delivery of my new Lexus RX350h (prem pack) scheduled for September 2023 — can you please confirm where this UK market model is built.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello James, thanks for getting in touch.

      All of our UK market vehicles are currently produced in Japan.

      Hope this helps!


  8. I took delivery of my NX 350H in March after a 14 month wait. In the main I am delighted with it however, there are a couple of dissapointments.
    The specification said that it had LED indicators front and back, mine has got nasty regular bulbs in the front indicators and I was told when I collected the car that a second key will be available in a few weeks time, still waiting!

    1. Hello Thomas, thanks for your comment.

      We are pleased to hear you are enjoying your Lexus NX!

      We are sorry for your disappointment regarding the indicators and second key. We would recommend getting in contact with your Lexus centre to enquire about these.

      Please let us know if you need any further assistance.


  9. Took delivery of my NX450h+ in January this year, and have now covered nearly 19000 miles. Have to say I’d never considered Lexus before, but am seriously impressed by it in almost every area. Only gripes are the driver’s seat doesn’t go low enough, so you feel like you sit on top of it rather than in it, and it baffles me at times with the tech on board. Oh, and the Android Auto is cable-fed only, not wireless which seems odd for such a techie car – but yes, that’s a first-world issue. Great car; quick, efficient, nice to drive, smooth, solid build, and so far completely reliable.

    1. Hello William, thanks for your comment.

      We are pleased to hear you are enjoying your Lexus NX!

      We appreciate your feedback greatly.


  10. Received our NX450+ in December 22, and we are absolutely delighted with it. Fuel economy is much better, and for the driver, is a much better experience. (Passengers always had a luxurious ride)
    It is, and it will be, well worth the wait. So much better than the previous NX in our opinion.

    1. Hello Christine, thanks for your comment.

      We are pleased to hear you are enjoying your Lexus NX!

      It is lovely to hear your feedback and we appreciate it greatly.


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