Lexus at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show

The launch of the new Lexus IS saloon is just a few hours away (at 2.30PM GMT), so all eyes at the Detroit Motor Show will soon be on Lexus.

As we await the unveiling, we thought we’d take a look at the all-new Lexus display stand at the show, which is inspired by Lexus’ design philosophy and provides the perfect setting to showcase for the new look, luxury and technology of its vehicles.

The display features several eye-catching parts, most noticeably the mirrored and suede-trimmed box that houses the luxurious yet powerful new LS F Sport.

Elsewhere, LED panels on the floor are covered with white etched glass and glow red to bring attention to Lexus’ performance vehicles such as the LFA Nurburgring edition and F SPORT models.

Other features of the display include large mediascape walls showing video, graphics and model information, and flooring reminiscent of a traditional Japanese stone path.

“Lexus has always been about mastering the details, whether it’s in our products, our how we treat customers,” said Mark Templin of Lexus USA. “Now, as we are entering a new phase, we are looking at every detail of how customers see the Lexus brand and ensuring we look good from every angle.”

Find out more about the Lexus stand at Lexus Enthusiast.

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