Lexus LBX reviews: the first test-drives

LBX reviews

Members of the UK motoring press were recently invited to test-drive our smallest model yet, the new Lexus LBX compact crossover. Designed to be accessible, easy to live with and in tune with contemporary European style, we think this new generation hybrid offers more than is expected from a car in its class. But what did the road testers think of its advanced technologies and downsized luxury? Read what they had to say in our LBX reviews article below.

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LBX reviews

Lexus LBX reviews:

What Car?: 5/5

George Hill: “The Lexus LBX hits the nail on the head when it comes to its intended purpose. It’s the smallest Lexus you can buy, yet it’s plush inside, cheap to run and very well-equipped. You also get the promise of stellar reliability and rock-solid build quality.”

The Lexus LBX managed to impress the What Car? team so much that they awarded it their coveted Car of the Year award, with What Car? editor Steve Huntingford saying: “The What Car? Car of the Year title is reserved for the model which has moved things on farthest in the past 12 months, and this year that’s the Lexus LBX. Despite competing in the hugely competitive small SUV market, it’s a better all-rounder than every rival, not least because it is the first car in the class to combine hybrid efficiency with big-car luxury. And at a time when prices seem to be going through the roof, it offers these strengths for an amazingly tempting price.” You can read more about the award, and other Lexus awards, here.

Autotrader: 4/5

Dan Trent: “Enter the LBX, the smallest and most affordable Lexus yet, taking established brand values like hybrid power and a distinctively Japanese twist on luxury before shrinking them into a compact crossover. Stylish, easy to drive and with a real sense of quality, it nails the brief of delivering a proper Lexus experience in a smaller package.”

LBX reviews

Honest John: 4/5

Robert Clymo: “The Lexus LBX is an appealing premium small SUV. It features a frugal hybrid petrol engine set-up, and the design is great too, with an array of upmarket interior options to match. [It] offers up a pleasing mix of decent performance, well-rounded handling in a variety of driving scenarios and comfort along the way.”

Lexus LBX reviews:

Top Gear: 7/10

Peter Rawlins: “Lexus has got high hopes for the LBX as it sets its sights on a younger audience. It’s a very smart-looking thing, the interior feels… premium, and it’s highly economical… thanks to its clever hybrid set-up.”

Express and Star:

Jack Evans: “It takes quite a lot to stand out in this crowded market, but we reckon that the LBX has done just enough to put its head above the parapet. It’s a fine alternative… with the LBX’s well-specified interior and efficient powertrain setup making it a choice which both feels a little bit special and yet still economical to run.”

Autocar: 3.5/5

James Attwood: “In an age when cars are getting bigger and it’s a struggle to fit some of them on UK roads, the Lexus LBX is a good idea: there’s absolutely no reason why a small car can’t be premium, and it will be a concept that will likely appeal to many buyers. You can see why Lexus has high hopes for it and why it’s projected to be a sales success. It’s a welcome addition and the sort of car we need more of: small, economical, fuel efficient and fun to drive.”

Lexus LBX reviews:

Auto Express: 3/5

John McIlroy: “The LBX [is] a credible premium small SUV – and the hybrid powertrain means it should find buyers who want electrified efficiency but aren’t ready to jump to a full EV.”

CAR: 3/5

Colin Overland: “The LBX is an agreeable car to drive and live with… it’s fairly refined and comfortable, it steers nicely, it feels well made and should offer decent economy. It’s also well equipped, with some pretty advanced features available higher up the price list.”

Lexus LBX video review:

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  1. Instead of plugging new models why don’t you concentrate on getting existing models sorted as the Lexus Link + hasn’t worked on my 300es since I bought it in August and Lexus haven’t bothered to keep me informed as to when it will be fixed. The last communication I had from your technical services was before Christmas and they didn’t know what the faults was, how to fix it or even when it would be fixed. This is despite 70+ complaints on your web site acknowledging the issues???

    1. Good morning Colin, thank you for getting in touch.

      We’re sorry for the on-going problems you’re experiencing.

      We have encountered a number of issues relating to the connected car functionality and the Lexus Link+ ‘app’. Some of these issues we know to be a direct result of some recent system changes and the migration of the app to a new platform. While we remain sure of the longer-term benefits of this move, at this time users might expect some functionality issues where we have no immediate fix. It sounds very much like your enquiry relates to this matter. Please rest assured we are doing all we can to get to the bottom of this but in the meantime, we are not able to offer immediate advice or a corrective course of action. We are working towards resolving all current issues, but in the meantime, should you choose to remove and reinstall the app and restart the connection process to your vehicle, this will have no detrimental effect. Once we are confident the corrective measures have been made, we will advise all our Centres who can then support and advise you as necessary. We are sorry for any inconvenience as a result of this temporary problem and hope this won’t impact greatly on your overall satisfaction.

      Thank you.

    1. Morning Richard.

      It’s great to hear you’re interested in the new Lexus LBX.

      Unfortunately, criminals are continuing to find ways around new security technology. Please be assured that we are working with relevant parties including the police to put a stop to this horrible crime. Here are our top recommendations for improving car security:

      We’d recommend getting in touch with your local Lexus Centre to arrange a test drive, Richard.

      Thank you.

  2. I am interested in LBX Takumi, does this come with 2 keys/fobs? I know there is a smartphone based solution to access the car, but I prefer 2 physical keys

    1. Hi Keith, thanks for your interest in the LBX.

      Two physical key fobs are available for this model.


      Lexus UK

  3. Hi Lexus, loving the LBX as it hits so many boxes, but with some compromises.. 3 questions please:
    Why no Sunroof option?
    Why is Android Auto wired?
    Will there be a more powerful engine option?

    1. Hi Guy, thanks for getting in touch.

      Each model has different specification options. We’re always happy to hear suggestions and will pass them along to our product teams.


      Lexus UK

    2. I also agree that a sunroof and arger engine options would be great. Really hope this makes it into the next update.

    1. Hi Brian, thanks for your comment.

      We’re sorry to hear that you are having troubles with your Lexus NX. We would recommend getting in touch with your local Lexus Centre so the team there can take a look at it in person and investigate further.


      Lexus UK

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