Introducing the new Lexus UX

The new Lexus UX has been unveiled at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. As the first compact luxury crossover from Lexus, the UX is seen as a gateway vehicle for the brand.

Naturally it has the same qualities that define all Lexus models: brave design, superior craftsmanship, exhilarating performance and imaginative technology. Yet the development team also aimed to embody a free-spirited style that would appeal to modern urban explorers – people who seek fresh, dynamic takes on luxury lifestyle.

It embodies a free-spirited style that will appeal to modern urban explorers

This approach is explained further by chief engineer Chika Kako (above): “Right from the start, I focused on the target customer – mid-30s, millennials, men and women – and tried to understand how they would expect a premium compact vehicle to change their lives and enable new experiences. That’s what led us to the basic vehicle concept for the UX of Creative Urban Explorer – a new genre of crossover.

“Design is still the main purchase reason for every car. It is the design that promises to the customer what the car can deliver. With the UX the design team created a style which delivers the strong safe feeling that sets crossovers apart from hatchbacks, but combined it with a very dynamic dimension.

“We also focused on giving the UX a distinctive driving feel that would resonate with the customer. I wanted to overturn the image of a crossover with a high body that requires careful manoeuvring and offer a car with nimble performance and excellent manoeuvrability that make it as easy to drive as a hatchback.”

Lexus UX: Urban Crossover… and more

The engineering and design teams worked closely together to produce a car in which the exterior and interior appear almost seamlessly linked. Impressively flared bodywork clothes a cabin that provides a driver-focused cockpit and an open, relaxing space for passengers. While still offering a commanding view from the steering wheel, the UX offers a driving experience that makes the crossover feel more like a responsive hatchback to drive.

The UX further marks a series of technical innovations, including the first use of our new GA-C global architecture platform, which delivers high structural rigidity and a low centre of gravity. A new mid-power, fourth-generation self-charging hybrid system is also deployed for the first time.

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  1. Sorry but I think your marketing strategy is misguided. If your target demographic want a stylish hybrid compact SUV they have the Toyota CR-H. The people who can afford a Lexus are more my age group – recently retired. I’m looking for a smaller hybrid SUV to replace my Lexus RX 450h. The Toyota is not practical enough – too low, rear view is dreadful, boot too small. I was hoping the Lexus would offer what i need – something a bit smaller than the Rx 450h and the NX300 but with reasonably high stance and seating and good visibility – with the emphasis on comfort and practicality not style. Doesn’t look like this is going to be the one for me.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thank you for your comments. The UX was crafted with comfort and practicality in mind, offering an excellent field of vision with a clear sense of the vehicle’s body dimensions. We would recommend experiencing the vehicle when it reaches showrooms in March to experience the practicality and comfort for yourself.


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