Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Lexus


At Lexus we are committed to making our workplace, our industry, our society and our world a better place for all.

We stand resolute behind our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion as we wholeheartedly believe that diversity is critical to our future success. We seek input and innovation from a range of talented people – irrespective of age, gender, race or religion or any other personal characteristics.

It is with this fundamental belief at the heart of our operations – that we can and will strive to create an environment where all feel welcome, safe and heard, and everyone can contribute their best towards meaningful goals.

We’re committed to creating a truly inclusive working environment that attracts and engages diverse talent, enabling all our people to unleash their potential and be their true self at work. We welcome open and honest conversations internally and externally as to how we can consciously include and improve that inclusion – creating an environment where people choose to belong.

Now more than ever we will encourage that constructive dialog to guide our actions as we continue to improve how we contribute to society, and inspire unity in every aspect of our lives, our business and our communities. Lexus can, and will, find new and meaningful ways of doing this by working together with our community partners and stakeholders across the UK.


  1. Good morning. I am interested to learn why Lexus does not offer its vehicles on the Motability scheme. It is a fact that there are many people who would benefit from this inclusion and difficulty to understand why Lexus are one of the few companies that do not offer this service to people like me.

    1. Hello Robina,
      Thank you for contacting Lexus.
      Including Lexus in the Motability Scheme is something we are currently working on.
      We would recommend keeping an eye on the Motability website for future updates.

  2. I currently drive a mercedes c class saloon using the Motability Scheme. The lease ends in November and I was hoping to continue using the Motability Scheme to lease another car. Will there be any lexus cars available from November?

    1. Hello Thomas,
      Thanks for your interest.
      The vehicle available on our mobility scheme is the UX 250h F-Sport Design.
      This will not be available until July 2023.
      If your heart’s set on the UX, you should contact motability about the possibility of extending your current lease until your UX arrives.

  3. Hello
    I am a Lexus customer and fascinated by Lexus, at present. I have a Lexus UX 2019 holding Number plate:Y3OGE. At present, I have some problem with my car. I purchased this car as brand new at Jemca Lexus Croydon, UK.I used this car 12000 mile up to now. When I went to the routine 3rd free service and MOT to the Jemca Lexus Corydon on 14th August, the MOT couldn’t proceed because of the both rear tyres(interior side) were uniformly seveare damage and thread also visible the whole part of the both tyres. I was very surprised because in my second service was absolutely fine nothing was found wrong or didn’t give any future warning .I used my car only 3400 miles from second service to 3rd service and also use for work place ( up and down totally 6.4 miles in the well maintained smooth roads), I was asked to pay for &400.00 for the both tyres to be replaced, so I wasn’t happy about this damages on caused to my both tyres and paying for £400.00 after lot of argument the general manager finally asked me to pay for one tyre , as there no alternative ways , I wanted to pay and get my car back once completed MOT and services. After replace the both tyres the car was pulling to right side then I take it back to the Lexus centre then they did checked alignment and tracking, once they handed over the car while I was driving to my home the car was pulling to left side , so again I turned back to the Lexus service centre at Jemca Croydon and complained again. Then they asked me to leave the with them and arranged me a loan car for me until to be repaired. I am wander and highly disappointed and also extremely anxious and worried about this car model and the service process. The service technician still could not find out the actual problem jet and still working on it. I haven’t had any accidents or rock and hill drive or long trips driving or loading up goods and do perfectly maintain my car with soft handling driving. Before escalating my bad experience to the public, I would like to discuss / write in details the whole process with the Lexus head office regarding this car safely and it performance. I would be grateful if you could provide UK Lexus head office contact details including emails and postal address.
    Kind regards
    Dr U.Ganeshathurai

    Note:1 Please see below the letter which I sent by email to the jemca Lexuse Croydon with an attachment , i pasted here for your further reference.

    Jemca Lexus Croydon Dr U.Ganeshathurai
    Peter Bexley 6 Rosewood Grove
    Service Reception Supervisor Sutton
    SM 1 3DT
    2nd September 2022

    Dear Peter
    Re: Lexus UX (2019), Re No:Y3OGE
    Thank you for your latest updated reports regarding my car (Y3OGE), and also would like to thank you your working team for working to find out the actual problem. I have gone through your reports, and I completely denied that I have hadn’t any sort of accident with this car. The only thing is the scratch mark seen in rear door in left passenger side is already reported and noted in 2019 (I explained) there after two company services and MOT (Jemca Lexus Croydon) were successfully carried out without mentioning any damages or future warning advises.

    In case if the accident happened, I would have been taken my car straightaway my car and explained the causes of incident and how it would have been occurred because of my extreme care of my car and I already have had a warranty. I don’t like to want waste my time and your time by making a false story for the purpose of calming compensation or damages in a way of third-class person behaviours.

    While I keep on saying that I haven’t had any accident or rock & hill driving or driving regularly for long trip or loading goods and other heavy things, and only use the car for our official use ( up and down 6.4 mile in the well maintained smooth roods that is home(SM1 3DT) to Royal Marsden Hospital. Your staff keep on saying this damage is caused by accident. According to you last report gives some information that car should have had massive accident, that is why your technicians chasing up to the chassis it means that I might have had an collision kind of accident, so looking for the evidences? You all keep on saying this is not a manufactured problem and saying possibly accident, this is making me more worries and disappointment in the whole process including Lexus UX (2019 model) as well as Jemca Lexus Croydon centre.

    However for the goodwill you and your team are trying to do something for me but If you are keep on saying this is due to accident then, I will take a challenge up to the highest level because , I haven’t any accidents or severe damage and all the services were carried out at your Jemca Lexus centre until this problem is found , I am also wandering, how comes these kind of damages ?. That is why I would chase up the justice and a reasonable solution for me.

    Whether you aware or not the wear and tears for the runflat tyres would occur after certain milage of driving but I my car total milage was nearly 12000 up to my third service (average 4000 miles/year), but both rear tyres were damaged uniformly within 3000 miles of driving after successful second services at your centre. In that point I also argued how these damages are possible uniformly in these both rear tyres, and I have already explained the possible three causes the technician found at my last company free services?

    After lots of arguments and explanations with your general manager Andre, then I have been asked to pay for one tyre costs instead of two. After changed these both tyres, your technician checked everything and said everything was fine and also did setup the alignment and tracking and also the reports also given to me. After these tyres were changed, I noticed the car was pulling to right side then I called and booked and appointment. On the date of appointment, I brought the again to your service and they did checked all the alignments and tracking again and said everything done well and report was given, without test drive they handed over the car. The , I said thanks for your all helps and supports and I have been asked do driving and see by your one of the staff Maxine Green. I said her , I would see while driving to go home.

    Then while I was taking the car to my home, I noticed the car was pulling to left side then I brought back the again to your service on the same day and complained another problem ( the car was pulling other side instead of right side). Then she called the technician and asked me to hand over the key and she further asked me whether me to wait up to 2 to 3 hours until they repair the faults. I said to her no problem, I would be waiting here until receive my car with repaired.

    I was waiting up to from up to 6pm( I came at 10.30 am for right side pulling then wanted to wait 6.00 pm for left side pulling) and finally you came and told me that unfortunately your technician couldn’t finish the work, so I was told to leave the car at your service centre at 6 pm. So, I asked a loan car for me to go home then you arranged a loan car for me to use until to be repaired. So, these pulling problem was very strange for me, I couldn’t feel this pulling problem until I bring my car for my 3rd service period and MOT. Why your technicians handed over this car without doing proper test drive? In case due to this something happened dangerously for my life or publics who was the responsible for these damages fortunately, I myself spot the faults that the pulling problem wasn’t repaired or checked out properly.
    Anyhow, in my understanding there is something was going wrong but I completely deny that I haven’t had any sort of accident, if so happened, I would have gone for the part exchanged for my car within my warranty periods, even your staff Simon Morris was (sales manager) keeping on contact for further negotiations to get the new car with some reasonable financial arrangements. If something happened to my car, I simply would have agreed to do part exchange. But I didn’t consider for part exchange plan because I do perfectly maintain my car as a soft driving and keep for our professional prestige because I do like Lexus, I don’t use any fuel other than v-power in Shell’s fuel centre only and still I am using the Shell’s V-power up to now that much of maintaining, I do for my car.

    But your staff/technicians keep on saying this problem is caused by an accident or hard driving or improper maintain? I don’t know why these kind of story for me? and it is making me highly worried and underestimate my wording and writing that I am telling lies for you to get benefit or any sort of support. I always follow the low and order and rules and regulation in my life and also taking care of others life not to be in danger by using faulty vehicles or using faulty reports or allowing other unlicensed or unqualified vehicle technicians their managed centre. That is why I chose your centre and have had good reputations about the Lexus but, I wasn’t aware anything about Lexus UX(2019 model) because it was firstly released into UK at the time of my purchased order and also I Toyota and & Lexus made have trusted by people in the whole world.

    So please, as I am still wandering about these all burden and unwanted problems and anxiously willing to find out why these happened to my car.
    I would be grateful if you could provide all relevant contact details of the head office of the Lexus UK and the original Japanese company details or the responsible authority’s contact details to inform all process. Because the vehicle’s conditions impacts not only safety of the passenger but the safety of the public on the roads as well as value of the money and trust of the company and sale agents.

    I hope please provide all relevant contact details ASAP.

    Finally, I would be thanking you and your team for hardly working to find out the actual faults and offering supports and updating on going mechanical process.

    I hope your experts would find the solution and do the needful for me. I would be going to Manchester University for my work (lecturer for medical students) and I need to be there up to 20th of September, that is way I am still in London (at home) by further extended my leave to sort out these unwanted and unexpected problem occurred with my car.

    Note: I do expect you regular updates about ongoing mechanical process.

    Thanking you
    Kind regards
    Dr Ganesh
    Mobile: 07903237908.

    Note-2: Please see the Jemca Lexuse Croydon email correspondence and updating the ongoing mechanical process( I have asked them to update my car repair proces)

    Dear Dr Ganesh,

    Below is an update on your vehicle.
    The technician is still working on your vehicle. We have inspected the vehicles wheel alignment and found that the wheel alignment on your vehicle is not correct. Something on the rear suspension is causing the wheel alignment to be out of the manufacture’s specifications, this means some part of the rear suspension is out of shape which we cannot visually see. To find this fault we have to replace suspension components 1 at a time until we can align the vehicle correctly, if after the suspension units have been replaced if the alignment is still out we would then need to look at the chassis of your vehicle which would need to be done by the Bodyshop. The on way this can happen is if there has been an impact on the vehicle which we can see evidence of due to damage to your vehicle to the passenger side rear. This is also the area of the vehicle in which we are having problems with the wheel alignment and causing your vehicle to pull to one side.
    Today we have replaced the passenger side rear lower suspension arm to see weather this would solve the alignment issue however this has not made a difference, we are now going to order a new passenger side rear shock absorber and see weather this will solve the alignment issue. These repairs we are doing as a gesture of goodwill.
    If after the shock absorber has been replaced and the alignment is still out we will be unable to continue any further without agreeing costs with yourself to move forward, from the inspections we have done on your vehicle and the alignment checks we have done the only conclusion is that this has been caused by the impact damage to the vehicle, the concern on your vehicle is not caused by a manufacturing defect this we know for sure.
    I will contact you on either Monday or Tuesday once the shock absorber has been fitted and the vehicle has been retested to let you know the outcome and what we need to do moving forward.
    Kind regards​​

    1. Good afternoon.

      We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing some problems with your car.

      The Customer Relations team can be contacted by calling 0345 129 5484, or completing the ‘general enquiry’ section of this email form: http://fal.cn/S43Z.

      Thank you.

  4. Hi,
    I am interested in finding out about your communications for those with disabilities. My husband was unable to have a recall work done because he had not been able to fully take in all the information in the letter regarding the appointment due to his dyslexia. I was wondering whether you may consider having more accessible communications including a dyslexia friendly font such as Open Sans, stronger contrast between the font and the background for those with visual disability and a box at the bottom which summarises key points such as date and time of appointment and bullet pointed essential requirements such as empty fuel tank or locking wheel nut for example.
    We would really appreciate your consideration in this matter as it could make the Lexus experience more welcoming and accessible to those with these issues. Many thanks

  5. Hi.
    I would like to bring to your attention a serious concern about the staff you employ at the Preston UK car dealership.
    Your staff on this video are totally out of order and need to be retrained or even dismissed because of the way they have behaved and represented your company, it’s a disgrace and sickening to see people behave this way especially while under employment within their work capacity. It is obvious watching the video that the staff that work in this dealership need to have more public awareness and that they must understand where and when not to cross outside of their work place regarding members of the public who could also be potential / customers. After watching this YouTube video of the staff at the Preston UK dealership, I can’t help but wonder for how long the staff there have behaving in such a poor unprofessional way for without the proper management or accountability. Because as you can see from the video, one of the staff explains he is a manager but behaves in such a despicable way and says the most outrageous and aggressive things. That manager is an untrustworthy and dangerous individual who should not be working for the company.

  6. Hello I would like to ask a favour if you have a quality used lexus ls600 ls430 or old model saloon car that you has been part exchanged that is not worth much, I have disabilities and am struggling to earn or work and would love to get back on the road it is a genuine request if you could check you stock and computers for one for me I have very little cash to hand ,if you could try your hardest for me maybe dreams could come true and would be able to drive again???

    1. Hello Jason, thanks for your comment.

      We want to ensure that our range is accessible to all and our motability scheme has been designed to help disabled people, members of the Armed Forces and war pensioners lease a brand new car as part of their Mobility allowance, funded by the government.

      We would recommend taking a look at this scheme here: https://www.lexus.co.uk/motability.

      We hope this works for you. However, if you would like to discuss further options, please contact our Customer Relations Team on 0345 129 5484 or https://www.lexus.co.uk/help-centre.

      Thank you.

  7. Today my husband and I went to the SWINDON branch and were interested in a couple of cars on the forecourt. We were there a good 20 minutes looking and comparing cars and prices etc. nobody came to see what we were up to so we got in our car for a chat about what we saw. In the meantime a car pulled up and a salesman came out and attended them straight away!!! I honestly don’t know what we had done to be so ignored!! We were both dressed smartly and the car we pulled up in was of equal standard to a Lexus. Are your sales people paid so much that they can pick and choose their customers.

    1. Hello Mrs Willavoys, thanks for your comment.

      We are sorry to hear of your experience. We completely understand that this could be upsetting and we wish to apologise.

      Our Customer Relations team would be more than happy to discuss this with you. The team can be contacted here:


      Please let us know if we can support you in any other way.


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