Seven numbers you should know from Lexus LC 500 into the Light

On the recent film shoot for the Lexus LC 500 Into the Light feature, there was so much groundbreaking action and activity to keep track of.

Some of the most interesting points from the shoot can be distilled into the seven numbers you’ll find below.

LC 50020

The number of people making up the crew. This included those responsible for lighting, filming, sound production, projection, and all other aspects required for the shoot.

The size of the crew meant that everyone had a job to do, and worked tirelessly over the four days to ensure the shoot went off without a hitch.



The number of roads which needed to be closed. As the LC 500 was being filmed from various angles, there was no space for any other vehicles to use the roads while the video was being filmed.

The crew worked closely with a local team who managed the traffic for the duration of the shoot.



The number of drone batteries the crew used per filming session. There were two drones used in the filming of this video, one larger and one smaller.

The number of batteries needed to power both drones for one session of filming came to 28 in total, with 6 of these used for the smaller drone and 22 batteries for the larger drone.



The number of vehicles needed to transport crew and kit. This included the transporter which carried the LC 500 to and from the shoot locations, the lorries carrying the lighting equipment and rigs, the passenger vehicles used to transport the crew, and the camper-van which served as a mobile editing suite.



The number of projectors used to set up the area for projection. The projectors were some of the brightest in the world.


Lexus LC 500 Into the Light2

The number of raccoons in the projection used to test the setup. The design for the projection used to test the calibration, colours, and alignment of the projectors included images of two raccoons – to the hilarity of the crew.



The total amount of KWs used in the lighting rigs. This figure included the projection lighting, as well as the power supplied to the working lights which enabled the crew were able to see what they were doing on-site.


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