New Lexus RX 450h: seven standout features

We’re delighted to introduce you to the newly revised Lexus RX 450h luxury SUV, which will go on sale in the UK in the autumn in both standard RX and seven-seat RX L guises. Every element of the existing, fourth-generation RX was scrutinised to see where improvements could be made and its character enhanced.

These are the top seven standout features of our powerful new luxury crossover.

New Lexus RX: styling

The new RX sports a subtle evolution of its dynamic exterior aesthetic. It begins with a new L-patterned grille mesh and a smoother surround that blends more effectively into the front bumper. Prominent new grille arrangements have been sculpted into the bumper corners, with the fog lights now moved to the lower part of the front bumper. A similar re-think has been applied to the rear, where the fog lights have been integrated more effectively into the valance area.

Slender new headlamps add an extra element of sharpness to the frontal appearance. At the rear the different functions of the combination lamps are arranged in a strict horizontal divide that increases the sense of vehicle width.

New Lexus RX: body rigidity

Chief engineer Takeaki Kato worked closely with the production team to improve body rigidity – a key contributor to driving pleasure and agile handling. Greater use of laser screw welding and the extensive application of high-strength body adhesives improved bodyshell rigidity. Meanwhile, stiffer anti-roll bars and new friction-controlling shock absorbers offer more immediate response to steering inputs.

New Lexus RX: steering feel

Significant improvements in the tuning of the electric power steering unit results in a more linear feel and faithful line tracing in all driving conditions. The new Lexus RX is also equipped with Active Cornering Assist, which suppresses understeer when the driver applies the throttle while cornering.

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New Lexus RX: new lighting technology

Lexus is a pioneer in automotive lighting technology, being the first to introduce LED headlights and adaptive high-beams (AHS). The new RX achieves another world-first with the introduction of BladeScan light distribution.

It operates by shining light from LEDs on two blade-shaped mirrors rotating at high speed, which in turn reflect the light onto a lens to illuminate the road ahead. The distribution of this light is precisely controlled. It can be used to stop the drivers of approaching vehicles being blinded as well as expand the beam pattern to brighten areas that would normally be difficult to see using a conventional high-beam system. Using this new BladeScan technology, RX drivers will be able to identify pedestrians near the shoulder of the road at night from a distance of 56 metres (32 metres previously).

New Lexus RX: safety technologies

The new RX benefits from the latest version of Lexus Safety System+, which equips it with advanced safety and accident prevention technologies. These either warn the driver of a collision risk and help them avoid or mitigate the severity of an impact. The features include a camera- and radar-based Pre-Collision System, radar-controlled Adaptive Cruise Control, and helpful Road Sign Assist function.

New Lexus RX: connectivity

The new Lexus RX comes with a new multimedia touchscreen in addition to the familiar Remote Touch Interface. The latter is now exclusively in track pad format.

Smartphone use is catered for with a new phone holder and USB port, plus Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality. Using voice control, customers can access Apple Siri or Google Assistant via their smartphone. They can also chose whether to use Lexus Navigation or an alternative service on their smartphone.

New Lexus RX: third-row seats

The third row seats of the seven-seat RX L now have two different seating positions. The additional new setting delivers more leg room for the occupants when required.

The new Lexus RX and seven-seat RX L are due to go on sale in the autumn. Prices and full specifications of the UK range will be announced nearer the on-sale date.

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  1. Great to see Apple CarPlay and Android connectivity plus the benefit of a touchscreen. Be interesting to see the revised placement of the phone – hopefully it’s been moved to the central cubby along with the USB inputs.

    Now to roll out the connectivity across the range….🤞

    1. At long last as owners we felt you weren’t going to listen to us
      Welcome to the 21st century
      Can I now have CarPlay on my NX

  2. The MY20 RX was certainly a big step up from previous versions. Are we going to see some further enhancements with a MY21 RX for the U.K. market?

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