Lexus NX accessories: What is available?

Lexus NX accessories

The new Lexus NX is generously equipped, whichever model grade you choose. It offers new and improved electrified powertrains as well as a wealth of new technologies to make every journey safer, more connected and more enjoyable. But although the SUV is already primed to meet the diverse lifestyles of customers around the world, we recognise that customers may want to personalise their vehicle with genuine Lexus NX accessories.

Which begs the question: What accessories are available for the latest version of the UK’s best-selling Lexus?

Every item in the comprehensive range of Lexus NX accessories can be purchased individually, but the experts in our accessory team have also gathered complementary products into high-value accessory packs. So in addition to the availability of functional items such as roof bars, cycle carriers and roof boxes, accessories that are usually installed on a temporary basis, such as for touring holidays, the following quality accessories can be professionally fitted prior to the vehicle’s delivery as permanent features.

Lexus NX accessories

Lexus NX accessories:

Protection Pack Mudflaps, rear bumper protection film, boot liner NX, F Sport, Takumi £279 
Style Pack Front skirt (silver), rear skirt (silver), side steps NX, Takumi £999 
Design Pack Chrome side sills, rear chrome garnish, front bumper garnish NX, Takumi £599 
Illuminated scuff plates Illuminated scuff plates NX, F Sport, Takumi £399 
Side steps Side steps NX, F Sport, Takumi £599 
Towing bar* Vertical detachable towing bar with 13-pin electrics NX, F Sport, Takumi £799 
Luggage box Thule Pacific luggage box (silver grey) NX, F Sport, Takumi £373 
Cross bars Cross bars NX, F Sport, Takumi £250 
18-inch alloys 18-inch machined black alloy wheels NX £999 
20-inch alloys 20-inch anthracite machined alloy wheels F Sport, Takumi £1099 
Charging cable 10-metre 32A charging cable with Lexus bag NX 450h+ £269 
Lexus NX accessories (left to right): front skirt, chrome side sills, front and rear mudflaps
Lexus NX accessories
Lexus NX accessories (left to right): side steps, rear skirt, vertical detachable towing bar

To assist in your decision-making process, Lexus NX accessories can be selected within the online configurator, where images of the personalised vehicle are immediately displayed for you to study. Staff at your local Lexus centre will also be delighted to explain what is available for your new Lexus NX 350h or NX 450h+.

*Towing applicability may change on some grades depending on vehicle weight/accessories added

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    1. Hi Umang,

      Thanks for your question. The Protection Pack consists of mudflaps, rear bumper protection film and boot liner.


      1. Hi , why front and rear skirt is only avialable as a part of style pack for NX and not avialable separately?

        1. Hello Greg,
          Thanks for your comment. This is not available at this time.
          However, we appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback.
          It will be passed onto our wider product team.

  1. I own a 2019 NX and have the roof bars to fit my bike rack on. I’ve ordered the new NX for delivery later this year. I’m guessing the roof bars are different? If so, how much do the new ones cost?

    1. Hello John,
      Thank you for your order.
      May you please confirm if you have ordered the NX 350h or the NX 450h+ so we can confirm this for you please.

  2. Dear Sirs,
    I have purchased a NX 300h Takumi from 05/21 model and would like to purchase few accessories ?
    Could you provide me how much is the cost for a pair of side steps and the rear chrome skirt please.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Many thanks

    1. Hello Raj,
      Congratulations on your NX.
      Please contact your nearest Lexus Centre for further assistance with this.
      They would be best placed to advise on costs of the accessories and fitting costs.

  3. Hi

    I’m looking at getting a new NX this year – I have seen on the Lexus Japan website and dealer option brochure and wondered if they are available in the UK.

    These would be mainly:
    – F Sport Parts Black Edition rear bumper skirt/diffuser
    – F Sport Parts Black Edition front skirt
    – F Sport Parts Black Edition side skirts
    – F Sport Parts Black Edition wing mirror covers
    – Seat back storage E8A6
    – Snow / Leisure rubber mats A2J7

    Are you able to order these in from Japan or is there UK stock?

    1. Hello Gregory,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Have you configured the NX F SPORT on our website yet?
      Furthermore, your Lexus Centre would be best placed to assist you with parts enquiries.

  4. Hello
    I have just taken delivery of my new NX450h+ vehicle (F sport Tuk pack). The dealer fitted the approved genuine Lexus removable towbar. The tow bar and the car work fine, however when I use the towbar and put the car into reverse, the Rear Cross Traffic alert actives and slams on the brakes. The parking sensors are also activated. I would have thought that being a genuine Lexus towbar, when revers is selected it would deactivate the Rear Cross Traffic alerts and rear parking sensor alerts? Can you please confirm if this should be happening or not.
    Many thanks Indeed Kenny

    1. Hello Kenny,
      Thank you for contacting Lexus and congratulation on your new NX 450h+.
      Unfortunately, this is not something we can diagnose online.
      We would recommend taking your vehicle to your nearest Lexus Centre so that it can be inspected by one of our technicians.

  5. Hi,
    I was trying to configure an NX350 on the website but there are no options just upgrade the alloys to the 20inch version. Are they only available in a pack or can they be purchased separately?



    1. Hello Paul,
      20″ alloy wheels are available as standard on F SPORT and Takumi Grades.
      However, they are available on the NX grade with the Premium Plus Pack.

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