Lexus celebrates innovation and technology

Lexus advert 1989

We’re delighted to reveal that we will be celebrating innovation overload over the next six weeks… We’ll take a closer look at the key technologies and safety features that Lexus has introduced to the world – and show you how these embody the brand’s unique desire to satisfy its owners.

There’s certainly no shortage of things to talk about. In 1989, Lexus signalled its arrival in the UK and the astounding quality of its launch product with its first, hugely memorable television advert.

Fifteen champagne glasses were stacked in a pyramid on the bonnet of an LS 400 as it accelerated on a dynamometer. Then, as the speedo headed past 55mph, bubbly was poured into the top glass until it cascaded elegantly into the fourteen glasses below. Not only did the pyramid remain undisturbed as the speed rose to 145mph but not one drop of champagne was spilled.

Few people knew about the quality and world-leading technology that went into building the Lexus LS 400, but this intriguing advert soon altered things. According to the strap line, Lexus was about ‘the relentless pursuit of perfection’ and this was a graphic illustration of what that meant.

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Almost 25 years have passed since the launch of the LS 400. However, such is Lexus’s dedication to promoting new technology, innovation and engineering, these qualities shine as brightly as ever. And while the Lexus line-up has grown markedly, breakthrough moments have kept pace with reliable frequency.

Please visit Lexus UK’s social media pages throughout the month to join our celebrations. As well as right here on the official blog, we will be publishing content across our FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle+ and YouTube channels. Search for these rather appropriate hash tags – #Innovation and #LexusTech – and you’ll never be far from the cutting-edge of Lexus technology.





  1. I had ben driving SAAB for 30 years (all 23 of them )…decided to take the plunge in January 2013 and bought an IS250. What have I been doing all this time ?

    1. Hello Derek
      Thanks for your post and welcome to the Lexus Club after 30 years!
      Good to hear of your new purchase and sounds like you are enjoying the car. Let us know how you get on.
      Best wishes

  2. I bought an LS400 on a K plate and kept the car until 2013. It is the best car I have ever had and I miss the old limo. The car is still going strong with a new owner. It was exactly as advertised and lots more as it was built to last.

    1. Hello Ken
      Thanks for your post and sounds like you miss your LS. Good to hear it is still going strong.
      We run an early LS 400 on our heritage fleet and it is still a joy to drive. A very important car in our history and we intend to keep it.
      Best wishes

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