Lexus and the art of noise

LFA exhaust

The Lexus LFA supercar is renowned for its incredible soundtrack; whether heard from inside or outside the car it generates the very definition of spine-tingling noise.

This was no accident, for these features were engineered-in from the outset: the V10’s acoustics were tuned to deliver an exhaust note similar to that of a Formula 1 car, while a trio of optimised sound channels were used to fill the cabin with sonorous intake and exhaust noises.

Similar features have been integrated into the Lexus IS range to enhance the thrill of driving.

The IS 250 F Sport, for instance, features an Intake Sound Creator to generate a more sporting engine note. In a technique similar to that used in the LFA, the Intake Sound Creator uses a special damper (see illustration of intake tubing below) to amplify the natural vibration of the intake pulse and then channels it into the cabin as a pleasingly sporty intake roar.

Intake Sound Creator

The IS 300h uses a different technique altogether to enhance the driving experience. A Lexus-first, Active Sound Control (ASC) is a new technology that compliments the sound of the engine with an audio feed through a dedicated loudspeaker hidden behind the dashboard. Volume-adjustable thanks to a discrete dial on the lower console (see below), ASC delivers the exciting sound of acceleration and deceleration, even when the engine in the hybrid system is switched off and the car is being powered only by the electric motor. However, the audio feed is automatically deactivated when either Eco or EV mode is selected.

Active Sound Control dial

Do you want to hear the effect of Intake Sound Creator and Active Sound Control in action? Why not visit your nearest Lexus centre and ask for a test-drive.

Lexus IS driving


    1. Hello Andrew, thanks for your comment.

      It depends on which noise you mean. We have a feeling that you may mean the AVAS which is an electric whirring type sound emitted to alert pedestrians when the Hybrid system is travelling at less than 12mph and this cannot be turned off. If you mean a beeping sound instead, this is likely something to do with parking sensors which can be switched off and you can find the details on how to do so here:


    1. Hello Tri,
      Thank you for getting in touch with us.
      Unfortunately, we are only able to advise on UK specification Lexus vehicles.
      Please contact Lexus in your region.

  1. Hi, I enjoyed the asc on my Lexus is300h 2015 model, but my new 2021 doesn’t have this function. My question is, does the acoustics engine sound change on the new is300h when it’s put in sports mode? And if so, does it use similar speaker technology to the previous versions? Thanks Paul.

  2. does lexus gs300h 2014 luxury model has asc ? , it does feel.sometime.that sound inside car is different than outside.

    1. Hello Avi, thanks for your question.

      Please provide your Vehicle Registration so that we can look into this.


    1. Hello Anthony, thanks for your question.

      Please provide a Vehicle Registration so that we can look into this.


  3. I have an LS500h registration Y8 FSS. How do I switch off the ASC when I don’t have a switch ?
    The LS is the big luxury model that should be as quiet as possible. What is Lexus thinking about ?

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