Evidence of ‘Amazing In Motion’

Here’s proof that the new Lexus IS wants to be recognised as the most agile and rewarding car in its class…

Check out this recently released advertising footage from Lexus Japan to see precisely why we feel the new IS embodies the Amazing In Motion tagline.

[youvid embded=’t’ vid=’K-jdFvXULLM’]

Naoki Kobayashi, Deputy Chief Engineer for the new IS, commented at the European press launch this week that the engineering team “wanted it to be the most enjoyable car to drive in its class”.

That much comes across very clearly in this exciting video clip, which sees the new rear-wheel drive luxury compact saloon speeding to a photoshoot in a gymkhana-style display of chassis balance and precision driving; no doubt made possible by the perfect 50:50 weight distribution found in the IS 300h model.

UK advertising regulations may not allow such unbridled displays of excitement but be assured that the new Lexus IS is every bit as involving and rewarding as its maker depicts here.

The 2014 Lexus IS range launches in the UK in July with prices starting at £26,495.

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