Build your own Lexus UX 300e paper model

Lexus is giving people the chance to create a paper version of its first battery electric vehicle (BEV), the UX 300e.

Launched in 2020, the car represents a landmark for Lexus as its first luxury BEV, instantly recognisable by its stylish looks and angular design. Now Lexus is providing a print-out and make paper kit of the car for fans (of all ages) to build at home.

UX 300e

Key benefits of the UX 300e include its 196-mile EV driving range*. Unfortunately, the paper model won’t go 196 miles on a single charge but, like the real thing, it will be completely emissions-free.

The UX 300e has also been praised for its low centre of gravity and strong handling abilities.

UX 300e paper model

Lexus prides itself on quality craftsmanship and the Takumi craftspeople who make much a Lexus interior must pass a series of regular tests to maintain their Takumi status, including being able to fold an origami cat in less than 90 seconds using their non-dominant hand.

We hope this paper model isn’t as challenging, but you will need a colour printer, some paper glue or double-sided tape and a pair of scissors. This activity should take about an hour to complete. Top tip: when folding paper, fold it against a ruler to create a perfectly straight edge.

How to build the UX 300e paper model

Step one: Download a high-resolution PDF template of the UX 300e model. There are two colour options to choose from, a celestial blue version and one left blank for you to add your own colour/design if you wish. If you have the option, print the document in A3 rather than A4 size, as this will make the construction easier and will give you a bigger model at the end.

You can download the UX 300e paper model templates via the links below:

Celestial Blue UX 300e template
Blank UX 300e template

Step two: Using scissors, carefully cut out the template, being especially careful not to cut off the tabs outlined in blue.

Step three: Fold the cut-out along all dotted lines, folding all tabs so they line up with the underside of the adjacent panel. The model should begin to take shape.

UX 300e paper model

Step four: Finally, glue all side tabs to their corresponding tab on the underside of the adjacent panel.

Once you have followed these step, you should have a three-dimensional shape that resembles the UX 300e. Once your UX 300e paper model is built, you can share them on our social channels.

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*while driving

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