13 reasons not to love Lexus

1. Because what is there to love about an actual real, working hoverboard?

2. Because you can’t drift a Lexus.


 3. Because its designers just aren’t, well… cool enough.

4. Because Lexus cars don’t make a good noise.

5. Because none of the ‘normal’ cars have anything in common with the LFA.

LFA dials

LFA dials

IS 300h F Sport dials

IS F SPORT meter-1

LFA blue

LFA light painting (1)

CT blue


6. Because its cars lack passion – they are just built by robots.

7. Because Lexus doesn’t do racing cars.

RC F GT3 meme

 8. Because modified Lexus aren’t a thing.

RC 350 SEMA 04

9. Because Lexus owners never seem all that passionate about owning one.

Driver Power


10. Because you can’t get decent real-world fuel returns from hybrids.

Lexus IS

11. Because grime artists don’t do Lexus.

JME Lexus

12. Because there aren’t any exciting models in the pipeline.

2016 GS F


2016 RC


13. Because TopGear.

Best car ever

Animations by Tobi Chatfield


  1. There’s a sweet rasp off an altezza like its the next generation twin cam and altezzas drift . Top gear are out of touch dinosaurs thinking everybody can afford supercars

  2. The SC430 was horrid and unforgivable, and Lexus has more than a whiff of freemasonry about it

  3. 06 IS250 awd. Do the pedal dance to defeat traction and IT DRIFTS like it belongs in gymkhana. Maybe Lexus needs to hire good divers

  4. Have had my first RX400 for 18months now. Best car I have owned in 48yrs. Will be trading it in next year for a RX450.

    1. Hi Rolly,
      Thank you for your post. Great to hear about your RX 400 and the possibility of a RX 450. We always appreciate hearing from our owners with stories about their cars. What are your favorite features?

    1. Hi Rob,
      Thank you for your post. We are very glad you love your Lexus and we really appreciate hearing feedback about our cars and their owners. Please feel free to post a picture on our Lexus UK Facebook page. Many thanks.

  5. I’ve had 2 IS200, 1 IS300, 1 RX300, and just returned to the fold with a pre-owned CT200H F-Sport 2014. Seriously seriously let down and disappointed with the non dipping auto dimming read view mirror. Not dipping apparently because the privacy glass prevents sufficient light reaching the sensor. Well excuse me, why sell it as an option when it doesn’t work? I have had it a week, and night time driving is a pain because of the brightness of newer LED headlamps that I have to angle the rear view mirror so I can’t see what is behind me. Seriously thinking of cancelling the finance ( it is less than the 30 days period) and changing for a car that actually does what it is advertised to do.

    1. Hi Allen,
      Thank you for your post. As far as the operation of the electro chromic rear view mirror is concerned, we would advise to take the vehicle to a Lexus Centre in order to have the mirror inspected as per inspection process in Repair Manual. As far as the operation of the electro chromic rear view mirror in conjunction with the privacy glass is concerned, your local Lexus Centre will be able to take a look at this also. We will feed your comments back to our Lexus product team. Hope this helps a little further. Many thanks.

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