Lexus LC Convertible concept makes its world debut

Lexus caused a sensation with the debut of the LC coupe at the Detroit motor show three years ago. Since then, its design team has been exploring how the brand can evolve; their latest vision will be revealed at the 2019 show on 14 January with the world debut of the Lexus LC Convertible concept.

Artfully adapted from the LC coupe, the concept’s design brief was guided by the expression, Ultimate Beauty. From the rake of the windscreen to the smooth contours of the rear deck lid housing the convertible top, every line was drawn to evoke an emotional response. Indeed, the concept stands as an aspirational halo vehicle for the entire Lexus line-up.

“This concept takes the unmistakable design of the LC coupe and reimagines it as a future convertible,” revealed chief designer Tadao Mori. “It blends all the best aspects of the original coupe with the dynamic design of an open-air convertible.”

Long, low and lean, the LC Convertible concept evolves naturally from the athletic proportions of the LC coupe yet offers its own unique identity. It blends Japanese aesthetics with the promise of the sort of sensory stimulation that only a convertible can provide. Short overhangs, 22-inch alloy wheels and a broad stance are reminders of the car’s performance potential.

The cabin holds its own visual appeal, alluring occupants with textures and components designed to make every trip feel like an occasion. Crisp white leather trim is generously applied throughout, while yellow accent stitching provides streaks of colour that enhance the overall ambience.

“A production version of this concept would be exhilarating in many different ways,” reminded Mori-san. “You would see its dynamic lines as you approach, hear its engine when you started it up, and feel everything around you on the road. It would engage the senses in a way that is unique and exciting every time you got behind the wheel.”

Lexus LC Convertible concept: bonus images

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