Lexus Design Award will reward the curious

After the successful inauguration of the Lexus Design Award last year, competition for the 2014 award is hotting up. However, the time available to enter is swiftly running out, as applications will close 15 October.

The theme for this year’s competition is Curiosity, a challenging and inspiring subject that the judges hope will produce creative applications that might result in unexpected, life-changing innovations.

Further details of this prestigious international design competition, including its official rules and prizes, can be found on the Design Boom website.

But for an insider’s view of what the judges and mentors are specifically looking for in the winning entries, please take a look at the videos pasted below.

[youvid embded=’t’ vid=’8MeybNqUn_4′]

[youvid embded=’t’ vid=’_J7CuYEOYP0′]

[youvid embded=’t’ vid=’7Hn4K9XtxhM’]

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