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In this section of the Lexus blog we will explore the many ways Lexus reaches out beyond Centre showrooms to engage with people across the UK. We will also uncover some of the exciting developments that are happening with our Lexus colleagues around the world and bring you updates from Lexus global headquarters in Japan.

It’s not all about what Lexus is doing, though. This is a great place to tell us about your experience with Lexus. Perhaps you’ve been buying Lexus vehicles since their UK launch in 1990, or maybe you’ve recently discovered Lexus for the first time? We’re looking forward to hearing about how Lexus ownership fits your lifestyle.

The first thing we’re really excited to share with you is the result of the recent JD Power and Associates survey. We would like to say thank you to every owner who has helped rank Lexus number one for customer satisfaction for the 10th consecutive year.

The results of the 2010 JD Power and Associates/What Car? Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Survey (VOSS) show that Lexus has outperformed all other car manufacturers every year since it first entered the awards 10 years ago.

What’s more, the study shows that the IS sports saloon, Lexus’s best-selling model in the UK, was ranked top among all compact executive cars, while the RX claimed both the SUV category and the distinction of being the top-ranked model overall for a second time. This independent recognition is all the more appreciated this year, as it coincides with Lexus’s 20th anniversary in the UK – more on that soon.

If you would like to find out more about this year’s JD Power survey and see the results in full, click here.

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