Top Lexus stories of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, we wanted to use the last three working days to remember some of the highlights of the past year here on the official Lexus UK blog. Split up into three categories – top stories, top videos and top pictures – this is the content that got your fingers clicking and your synapses firing over the past year.

As you will see from this first post, it covers a broad spectrum of interest, from new models and soundtracks to the ways that Lexus has been Creating Amazing  with innovative projects. So without further delay, please scroll down to reveal the ten most popular stories of 2015. Is your favourite post here, and was the number one story your number one story?

10. Lexus Advert Music

Top Lexus posts 10

How many times have you watched an attention-grabbing TV advert and wondered who wrote the accompanying music, what the name of the artist is or the title of the track? This helpful post proved popular because it answered those questions concerning the recent adverts for the Lexus CT, IS and NX models.

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9. Lexus NX Price and Specification

Lexus NX 300h Premier

This post is evidence that sometimes all people want is the facts, presented in a clear and informative way. So when we published this post in preparation for the launch of the highly-anticipated Lexus NX, it instantly became one of our most popular of the entire year.

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8. What’s Changed for the 2016 Lexus RX?


One of the best ways to gauge how the design and technology of a new vehicle has progressed from that of its predecessor is to examine the cars side-by-side. Our What’s Changed… series has proved very popular as it allows visitors to see for themselves the continuing evolution of L-finesse design language and the advancing technology and functionality of Lexus interiors.

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7. European Debut of Enhanced Lexus GS Family

New GS 450h 01

There was no need to sharpen your elbows to create a space around this Lexus debut. This post from the enormous Frankfurt Motor Show afforded unimpeded views and clear commentary of the forthcoming enhanced Lexus GS family, which, for the UK, will now consist of hybrid models only. Interestingly, this post proved more popular than the related one from the same show concerning the European debut of the new-generation Lexus RX.

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6. Lexus Hoverboard Video Revealed!


As the world finally reached the actual date when Back to the Future Part II was set, was there any doubt that Lexus’s incredible realisation of one of the film’s predictions – a functioning hoverboard – would be one of the highlights of our year? In another turn of events, our analytics showed that this ‘reveal’ post was not quite as popular as the ‘teaser’ post published a few days/weeks earlier. Scroll down to see where that one appears in our top ten.

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5. Win a VIP Experience at the BBC Good Food Show with Michel Roux Jr.


It may have been one of the shortest posts of the year but it contained a fantastic opportunity to win a money-can’t-buy experience with Michelin-starred chef and Lexus ambassador Michel Roux Jr. at the BBC Good Food Show. Look out for further giveaways in the New Year…

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4. New Lexus IS TV Advert – Flow

Lexus IS advert - Flow

After the success of Poise, the ballerina-led Lexus IS advert in 2013, a similar combination of human athleticism, dynamic vehicle handling and monochromatic filming proved successful in the follow-up TV commercial – Flow. The novel use of special stop-motion-style filming techniques froze split-second elements of the gymnast’s routine and extended the car’s light trails as they flowed around each other.

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3. Lexus Hoverboard: Amazing In Motion

lexus amazing in motion slide

The video accompanying this post teased the world with the possibility that Lexus had indeed achieved the seemingly impossible and built a fully functioning hoverboard, similar to that predicted in Back to the Future Part II. But like any good cliffhanger, this post stopped tantalisingly short of delivering the full reveal, leading some to question whether the board was in fact computer-generated imagery.

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2. Lexus Launches World’s First Origami-Inspired Car

Lexus Origami Car

A car… made of cardboard… that actually drives. Are you serious? Indeed we were. In fact, we can think of 1,700 reasons why this boundary-pushing, world-first creation – coincidentally, seeded by members of the same team that brings you this very blog – catapulted this post near to the top of our annual chart. Appropriately, the ‘Origami Car’ was unveiled to the public at Grand Designs Live, where it was driven into the show hall by design guru Kevin McCloud.

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1. 13 Reasons Not to Love Lexus

Lexus light painting (14)

With over six times as many views as any other post, this was by far and away the most popular piece of content on the official Lexus UK blog in 2015. Proving the power of reverse psychology, this unusually titled yet innovative post took 13 negative preconceptions some people may have had about Lexus and smashed them with conclusive proof to the contrary – often without uttering a single word. If you haven’t seen it already, we recommend you do.

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