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  1. I have had my CT200h for a month now, overall I really like it, it’s pretty, a real head turner.
    It does make you think about fuel all the time you drive it, and every day’s a challenge to get the best mpg you can. However it does struggle up hills, particularly in ecomomy mode and also normal mode, it just seems to lack power.
    Also the ride is very firm in all modes.
    The user guide states you should not use the vehicle for towing at all, I would like to have a tow bar fitted to carry a 4 cycle bike rack, is this possible at all and if so where would it fit underneath?

    1. Hi Alison,

      We’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying your new CT 200h. The car’s Lexus Hybrid Drive system is designed to work as efficiently as possible in all driving conditions, including when driving uphill. On these occasions the engine will work harder in order to deliver more power and simultaneously charge the hybrid battery. Selecting sport mode will increase throttle response if you need to accelerate more quickly.

      Please note that changing between the three driving modes does not affect the suspension settings.

      Finally, although the CT 200h is not designed to tow, there is an official Lexus rear mounted cycle rack accessory available for the car. Please contact your local Lexus Centre for more details.

      We hope you continue to enjoy your CT 200h – feel free to share your experiences on the blog or on our Facebook page.

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