The Lexus LS orchid experience

It’s the ultimate test of comfort and refinement –  planting 50 orchids in the back of the new Lexus LS to demonstrate the car’s incredible new climate control system.

Called Climate Concierge, it’s the most advanced system of its type in the world.

Featuring a series of unique and  integrated technologies , the arrangement automatically adjusts cabin, seat and steering wheel temperatures in concert to deliver unparalleled comfort to driver and passengers.

Additionally, infrared sensors track the body temperature of those travelling in the rear seats, adjusting air conditioning and seat temperatures accordingly.

We also used the sun shades to protect light sensitive petals from bright sunlight, and even played music through our 19 speaker Mark Levinson sound system.

And that’s not all.

Because the LS also uses the award-winning Lexus Nanoe air conditioning already seen on the Lexus GS, Climate Concierge purifies the air to eliminate smells, while deodorising seats and the roof lining – all of which ensured the cabin atmosphere remained fresh throughout our experiment.

Because orchids are extremely sensitive to light, temperature and humidity, they proved the perfect subjects to demonstrate the fact that the LS’ Climate Concierge does much more than simply control cabin temperature.

To find out more and understand how the film was made, read our behind the scenes post here.

To learn more about maintaining orchids or flowers in general, you can also watch orchid expert Jim Durrant talking us through plant care.

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