Tell us your Lexus story

Are you Lexus’ biggest fan? Perhaps you are part of a exclusively-Lexus family? If the answer is “yes”,  then we want you to get in touch and tell us more.

Perhaps you’ve clocked up a record mileage, or kept your car in tip-top condition by having it serviced at your local Lexus dealer. If you have, why not get in contact and let us know.

We know that there are brilliant stories out there – we just need you to help us tell them.

As part of a very special project, we are looking for Lexus’ most dedicated and enthusiastic customers. We can’t reveal more right now, but your story could put you at the heart of our blog.

Submitting your story couldn’t be easier, you can leave us a comment below, or email us at


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  1. From the moment I first set eyes on that Lexus IS200d Advance Special Editions in Cerulean Blue, I had to have it! In 45 years of driving and owning some 18 new cars and two secondhand ones, I had never been so attracted to a car. Of my previous cars, my Volvo v70 Estate had been the best and most practical for my needs at the time but now I wanted a comfortable saloon car which offered all the luxury and gadgetry a man of my age would need. For the first time in my life I felt an excited anticipation as I awaited delivery and cannot describe the euphoria of actually driving it out of the Lexus dealership and home. This was my treat, this was my present to myself and this was my future. I took out a three year servicing plan and Lexus Insurance which meant that I would be covered for any eventuality in my next three years motoring. My daughter and her husband and my three grandsons are regularly chauffered around in my car. I take my grandson to and from University which is over 350 miles round trip. I take my daughter to work each weekday and my youngest grandson to school. Needless to say, they all love travelling in my bit of luxury. Lexus has captured my heart and I can’t see myself owning any other brand from now on.

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