Take the Takumi Origami Challenge

Fancy yourself as a bit of an artisan? To qualify as a master craftsman, or takumi, Lexus engineers must demonstrate their dexterity by completing an origami challenge.

The origami cat isn’t that complicated, but here’s the catch – it must be folded with only your non-dominant hand, and in under 90 seconds. Have a go, and see how you get on.


Get a square piece of paper. Fold it in half diagonally, then in half again, so it’s creased in a cross through the middle.

Open it up so that you have it folded once, making a triangle. Fold the ears up on each side.

Next, fold the middle point down to make the head flat on the top, then turn the paper around to face the other way. Fold the bottom point – the chin – upwards to just over halfway up the face.

Lastly, fold the end of that point down again to form the nose.

We’ve included an illustration to help you, and you can see a bit more about the technique from origami expert Mark Bolitho in this video.

Once you’ve mastered the design with two hands, see if you can manage it with just one – if you’re right-handed, try it with your left hand, and vice versa.

Then all you have to do is get the time down – 90 seconds is the time to beat. Good luck! Happy with your efforts? Send them to us via our Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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