Solar Flare Lexus RC F appears at Cars and Coffee Irvine

Last week, we showed you a photo of the fire-breathing Solar Flare orange Lexus RC F, out in the open for the first time. In the time since, an RC F in the same zesty hue has appeared at a ‘Cars and Coffee’ meet in Irvine, California, where it was captured in detail by a number of attending petrolheads on Instagram.

Cars and Coffee is a weekly Saturday morning gathering where drivers of cars of all shapes and sizes can chat cars, admire each other’s vehicles, and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. The pre-production RC F was taken to the meet on Saturday July 26 by Lexus USA.

Following a recent Facebook competition, Lexus announced that the orange colour would be called Solar Flare in the UK. Below, we’ve rounded-up our favourite Instagram images from the event for your viewing pleasure.

User: millionairecarclub
Bio: Sports car and Luxury car enthusiast. Photographer, Webmaster, People Lover.
Followers: 6,219

RC F f3q

We kick-off with this terrific front three-quarter shot from sports car enthusiast ‘millionairecarclub’. Its low-angle shows off the spectacular 20-inch machined alloy wheels that perfectly fill the car’s vast arches.

2 images RC F

Of note in this pair of images – which have been cropped together to form an ‘Instacollage’ – is the crease that runs up the side of the rear bumper, which adds a welcome visual punch. The front wing features the signature ‘F’ badge.

User: jacknieland
Bio: I like cars
Followers: 67

RC F corner

Jack Nieland’s gorgeous photo zeroes in on one of the most exciting elements of RC F visually – the chrome trim surrounding the corners of the spindle grille and the headlights. The angle of the shot accentuates the fact that the headlights are set back in the body of the lamp for a deeply sculpted look.

User: spittingpixels

Bio: Joseph Merkens Owner / Digital Artist / Retoucher at Spitting Pixels. I also take photographs of cars.
Followers: 96

RC F rear light

This image shows the car’s striking rear light design. The design is inspired by the stunning LF-LC Concept, and the thin appearance of the lamps follows the shape of the Lexus ‘L’ motif.

User: cars_fever
Bio: I’m all about cars!
Followers: 145 followers

RC F collage 2


Our favourite image in this collage is the rear three-quarter shot which shows the dramatic contrast between the black rear diffuser and the bright orange colour scheme.

User: soondot
Bio: Patrick Soon: Lover of video games, Lego, cars, watches, comics, museums, art, food, and all things nerdy.
Followers: 510 followers

RC F interior

Captured by Patrick Soon, this is one of the very first amateur images of the Lexus RC F’s motorsport-inspired interior. The material quality of this pre-production model is not fully representative of that of the production car – on sale in the UK at the end of the year – but it shows how the RC F will borrow the layout of the RC Coupé.

The driver’s cockpit follows the established Lexus design principle of an upper operation zone, and lower display zone. The upper zone houses the instrument panel and seven-inch navigation screen; lower down the layered centre console integrates the Remote Touch Interface controller. The RC F pictured features carbon fibre and alcantara throughout the cabin.

RC F headlight

Patrick has highlighted the intricate Lexus ‘L’ motif design of the headlights beautifully in this image. The bulbs are arranged in three ‘L’ shapes, and stacked atop one another.

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  1. I’m excited about this car, but the front end really annoys me. The large curved spindle grill is nice, but I think for a sportier car, it should be different. The whole car itself, looks kinda like a plus sized Scion FRS/Toyota GT-86. I wouldn’t be surprised if the designers borrowed alot of the parts from the FRS/GT-86. The Lexus LFC Concept also looks like it borrows features from the Toyota FT-1 Concept as well.

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