Q&A – Lexus GS and Creating Amazing

We’ve already given you a sneak preview of the new Lexus GS TV advert, which is the first to feature the new Lexus brand message – Creating Amazing.

We took the chance to speak to Richard Balshaw, Director of Lexus UK, to get the inside line on the campaign and find out why Creating Amazing is more than just a tag line.

What is Creating Amazing all about?
“We think that Creating Amazing really shows off the direction Lexus is heading. Our range of cars has never looked stronger, and we want to reflect that. Up to now, our message has been about the Pursuit of Perfection. That idea still applies to what we do, but it doesn’t show the emotive, exciting side of Lexus that will become increasingly important in the future.”

How do Lexus cars capture the Creating Amazing idea?
“Take the new GS as an example. It’s a huge leap forward. It’s a grand tourer, but you can tell it’s been designed to be a driver’s car – it handles and rides fantastically. I like that we’ve introduced four different driving modes, it allows us to make the cars a lot more dynamic because you can choose to have the traditional smooth and comfortable Lexus ride, or select sport mode when you want to have more fun. There’s incredible attention to detail as well – we took five years to develop the seats, 2,000 hours to get the speaker positions just right. We did a whole host of things that our competitors just don’t do.”

“We produce amazing technology like hybrid drive, and we offer a great service to our customers. With the launch of Creating Amazing comes a stronger focus on performance.”

Where else will we see Creating Amazing in action?
“You only have to look at cars like the LFA, or the LF-LC concept to see what we want to be doing in the future, and the near future at that. Creating Amazing sets a standard for what we want to deliver on every front, whether that’s future products or customer service, and it is really taken on by everyone from the designers and engineers to our sales staff.”

Why introduce Creating Amazing now?
“Within the next two years we will have a completely refreshed range, with a strong new look and we will also have some new models as well. F Sport will also become a bigger part of what we do, and we will continue to deliver great technology, engineering and give world-leading customer service. We’re at a very exciting time.”


  1. Apparentl;y it’s called “Relentless”, not “Rentless”. I’m hoping it’s available to buy as I really like it too!

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