New Lexus LS – reviews roundup

The new Lexus LS luxury saloon is set to arrive on UK roads early next year. But this week, the country’s top motoring journalists, reviewers and road testers were given the first chance to drive it at a European launch event.

New LS will go on sale in 2013, priced from £71,995, and as you’d expect from a Lexus flagship model, it will feature a generous level of hi-tech equipment, such as a 12.3-inch touchscreen display, innovative climate control system and high-end Mark Levinson audio as well as a range of luxurious interior trims and unrivalled comfort.

But enough of what we say about the car – what do the critics make of it?

Bookmark this page and over the coming days and weeks, we’ll update it regularly with the latest reviews and opinions as they are published.

Here are the reviews we’ve seen so far…

Richard Aucock of MSN Cars praised the return of the petrol-engined LS, saying:

“Ah, it’s good to have a regular petrol LS back. The 4.6-litre V8 engine is, of course, brilliantly smooth and quiet, but there’s also just enough throb finding its way through to make it feel luxuriously special. Press on harder and the growl’s edge hardens further; it’s a rich treat to use.

He also rated the well-equipped and luxurious interior: “Quite a place to enjoy the new Climate Concierge air con. A world first, it uses infra red sensors to watch passengers’ faces and assess their body temperature. Creating truly bespoke climate control for anyone. Quite incredible.

“The old LS was already one of the quietest cars in this class. Lexus reckons this one is even quieter and, save for a bit of wind rustle at speed, it’s hard to disagree. Perfect for enjoying the upgraded Mark Levinson stereo.”

Autocar’s Richard Bremner also highlighted the car’s power and comfort. He said:

“Ample torque and eight speeds obviate the need for high revs unless you’re going for a flat-out getaway. And that’s unlikely, because this Luxury Lexus is all about oozing to your destination in unflurried, silent comfort.

“The silent bit it manages exceptionally well, too. The powertrain rarely intrudes and the commotion of motion emerges only faintly at close to three-figure speeds. A soft ride is evident almost from the moment its wheels turn, thanks to the air springs which are as pliant as pillows.”

In his Parker’s review, Tim Bowdler added:

“Both the 460 and 600h deliver a pillow-soft ride as well as refined, linear acceleration.”

We’ll add more reviews as they are published. In the meantime, take a look at our pictures and video of the car, and browse the Most Read Stories panel on the right to read more about the new Lexus LS.

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