New Lexus IS advert: Tamara Rojo interview

Last week, we shared an exclusive preview of the new Lexus IS commercial, titled Poise. The 60 second advert features a high energy fusion of ballet, a booming soundtrack and stunning footage of our new sports saloon.

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Who is the ballet dancer in the Lexus IS advert?

The advert has already received a great response ahead of its UK TV debut next month. Now, we can give you a glimpse into exactly how the it was created, with a profile of the film’s star, English National Ballet artistic director and principal ballerina Tamara Rojo.

Featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the making of Poise, the film sees Rojo give us her personal take on the importance of ballet and her personal pursuit of perfection.

Choreographer Russell Maliphant, rehearsal director Dana Fouras and ENB classical dancer Lauretta Summerscales pay tribute to her skill and determination.

You can see more videos that accompany Poise on the Lexus UK YouTube channel.

Tamara Rojo

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Who is the ballet dancer in the Lexus IS advert?


  1. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched the “Poise” IS Commercial. It is amazing on so many levels. As both a classically trained dancer AND and an owner of a beautfil IS F, I just want to say that this commercial and the dancer your selected to represent the Lexus IS was the perfect combination. Absolutely brilliant and fabulously beautiful! Technique, precision, breathtaking beauty… all immediate descriptions of both dancer and automobile that immeidiately come to mind while watching this commercial. Bravo!

  2. She is the most amazing dancer in the modern age. Even surpassing Margot Fonteyn. I have seen her dance many times and she brings emotions, culture in a mixture of absolute clarity which is with you long after the ballet has finished.

    Great advert too.

  3. Hi there,
    I have a question for you.
    Why didn’t you use a man dancer instead of a woman one?
    I think you could have communicate the message of strenght, elegance and control as well as with a man. Take for example a famous dancer like Roberto Bolle, I think he would have been so perfect for the message that I suppose you want to communicate to your audience.

    This type of car is more appealing to a man than a woman (I guess) so why didn’t you use a man testimonial instead? I don’t think a potential customer would feel very appealed or connected with a ballerina, he can’t really identified himself with a ballerina.
    Do you know what I mean?

    Overall I find this ad amazing, the music, the dancer, the footage are perfect, my only doubt is that you could have been more appealing if you would have used a man dancer, according to the message that I received after watching this ad.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Paola
      Thanks for your comments and glad you like the ad.
      After speaking with the team they felt that a ballerina helped portray the feeling and emotion of what they wanted to achieve from the advert. Nevertheless we take on board your comments for the future and thanks for letting us know.

      1. Why was the advert removed from the lexus youtube channel? I checked up on it and it was privated for some reason.

  4. High quality, robust performance born of hard work and great technical ability. Strength and style; just beautiful to look at. How clever of Lexus to compare the car to a fabulous dancer. Loved this ad – quite fancy the car too!

  5. I have never ever watched ballet but would love to see Tamara dance she is fantastic I could watch her all day a real beauty

  6. I’ve been mesmerized by the dancer and the soundtrack which actually makes me stop and watch every Thursday for the 2 hours I watching The Good Wife & Nashville . . .

    I’ve been absolutely mesmerized at her precision, agility the gravity defying brilliance . . . having heard her talk about her dedication and perfectionist I’m inspired anew . . .its breathtaking and brilliantly matched with the car . Whomever decided on the track dancer and the whole thing is pure genuis . . .and yes, were I to buy a car, as my boyfriend already is a Lexus devotee, it would be a Lexus as opposed to be BMW, Audi or Mercedes . . .

    Job well done; you’ve nourished my soul and successfully marketed to a staunch devotee of public transport . . .as I said pure genuis

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